Compromise: Destroyer of America

By John Keller | USA

Compromise. The word elates many when brought up talking about Congress; but is it truly great? If the compromise on DACA and the border wall goes through it will be detrimental to the United States economy and the American taxpayer. Every year the DACA program costs a total of $54.5 billion a year. If Trump gets the border wall he campaigned on, it would cost America an estimated $70 billion initially, with a further $150 million a year indefinitely.

By 2020, at the time of the presidential election, this compromise will cost the American taxpayers nearly $234,000,000,000. The current yearly budget has a nearly $700 billion deficit, and this program will increase the deficit by almost 34% yearly. Over ten years, this compromise will add $616.5 billion to the debt. DACA alone will cost 545 billion over ten years, while the wall is expected to cost 71.5 billion over ten years.

The issue is the increased spending with this compromise is coupled with the recent tax cuts in the Trump Administration. It doesn’t take a genius to realize cutting revenue and raising expenditure, while already spending more than revenue allows, will increase the debt.

While tax cuts are good for the individual, this compromise will be one to further the debt. Senator Rand Paul, when speaking on the Senate floor about the most recent budget said that “We’re going to add $9.7 trillion in ten years.” What will this do to help? Not a thing. In fact, it means that by 2028 the U.S. debt will exceed 30 trillion dollars.

It is clear that increased spending is going to be bad for the American Republic. It is an economic maxim that that once debt exceeds 100% GDP that bankruptcy is on the verge. With the debt exceeding 20 trillion, this maxim could soon become reality for America as the GDP in 2016 was $18.57 trillion.

So how can we eliminate the debt? How do we stop this spiral downwards? We must stop compromise. Compromise has long been seen as good but it is the reason America faces financial collapse. Congress needs to have long debates on what programs they are going to fund because funding every program is bankrupting this nation and the American taxpayer.

The further polarization of parties makes this issue especially difficult. By being polarized, the only time Congress accomplishes anything is through compromise – which is making the American voter applaud compromise.

Where has compromise got us throughout history? Constant compromise has been leading to our debt issue. The parties agreed that the Soviet Union was the greatest threat in the Cold War, so in order to get funding for the Cold War, they had to compromise on various issues: welfare reform, immigration reform, notably the amnesty during the Reagan Administration, and as well as advancement towards improving national education. Well, all reforms are arguably necessary, it doesn’t change the fact that it added more spending for the American taxpayer.

When the USSR fell in 1991, U.S. military spending did not fall with it. Why? Because of compromise. The parties compromised that if they got reform in education, welfare, immigration, and more that they would also fund the military. As a result, the debt grew and change was no longer possible. If we do not eliminate compromise, liberties will always be trampled, the debt will always grow, and America will never prosperous.