Trump Administration Rescinds Pro-Choice Obama-Era Letter

By Ethan Suquet | USA

Just recently in a pro-life policy shift, the Trump administration has rescinded a letter sent to many states by the Obama administration. This letter was a warning to the states that if they dared to practice any form of discretion when it came to their Medicaid dollars funding heinous acts of abortion they could face legal penalties from the federal government.

This perverse letter was a clear demonstration of how radical the left has become on the issue of abortion. Not only are the members of the Democratic party able to defend late-term abortion but they are also able to justify forcing states to use the taxpayer dollars of their constituents to fund this shameful practice.

Luckily, even one of the least consistent Republicans on the issue of life, Donald Trump, who has defended planned parenthood realized that this sort of repugnant extremism in favor of abortion had no place in American politics and made a correct judgment call by rescinding the letter.

After Trump rescinded the letter, we can only hope that more states take the courageous step of saying that no Medicaid dollars should go to funding abortions. Even if the people of a state are incredibly pro-choice, there is no need for them to force their neighbors who may believe that abortion ends innocent lives to fund this practice.

Through incremental but essential steps such as these, we can finally work as a nation towards ending the brutal practice of ending unborn lives. The next step in this fight is to elect a strong Republican majority senate for 2019 that is capable of moving the house passed pain-capable unborn child protection act which would ban abortion after 20 weeks.

As President Trump is nowhere near as conservative as many of the other Republicans, conservatives cannot always trust that he will make the right decision on critically valued issues, but this is a situation in which conservatives should applaud President Trump.

Image from Wall Street Journal.


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