50 Cent Accidentally Made $7.5M, Thanks to Bitcoin

By Nick Hamilton | USA

You’d think that everyone who has bitcoin would definitely be keeping their eye on it. And if they’re not, you’d at least expect them to know about it.

Well, that just isn’t the case for Curtis Jackson, who goes by his rapper name “50 Cent,” who accepted a payment of around 700 bitcoins to pay for his fifth album, “Animal Ambition.”

The estimated value of those bitcoins at the time was around $400,000. The current value of exactly 700 BTC, as of January 25th, is $7,812,010.50, rolling in a $7,412,010.50 profit.

That’s no pocket change, my friend.

However, Jackson “forgot he did that sh*t,” according to a now-deleted Instagram post. He said at the time of the payment that he was just trying to keep up with the times.

Who knew that keeping up with the times would get you a little less than $7.5M?

According to Coindesk, at the time of the transaction, BTC was worth around $662, but fans could fork over just a fraction of a coin to get their hands on the album.

Funny enough, Jackson filed for bankruptcy protection in 2015, however, according to the New York Daily News, many were left perplexed when Jackson posted a picture of a refrigerator full of money.

Jackson issued the following statements via social media.

“Not bad for a kid from South Side, I’m so proud of me. I’m a keep it real, I forgot I did that sh*t.” -Instagram post, deleted later.

“A little bit coin anyone? LOL. l know l make you sick but excuse me I’m getting to the bag.” -Twitter, see the tweet here.

Pretty smart business moves without even realizing it.

Image from Billboard.

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