Ivanka’s Reform Attempt And The Failure Of The Two-Party System

By Mason Mohon | United States

It is easy to be all talk and no fight, especially in Washington.

Ivanka Trump recently went to D.C. with a bucket list of Democratic-leaning policies with the intention of forming political coalitions with Democrats to get the policies through.

What Democrat will ever work with someone that has Trump in their name, though. Clearly, none of them. As USA Today reported:

“I’m no longer surprised,” Ivanka Trump said about the partisan lines in Washington. “I think that there are always people that will not move off of their talking points and then there are a lot of people who will. You have to find the people who will; that’s how you build coalitions.”

The issues she sought to solve were paid family leave, equal pay for women and affordable childcare. These are obviously progressive policies, and Ivanka is slightly more left-leaning then her father, but none of this would budge any Democrats. Going across the aisle does not look like an option for the president’s daughter.

“It’s always easier to be for something and not get it done than to accommodate another perspective and get it done,” Trump said when USA TODAY asked why she thought she wasn’t getting more collaboration from Democrats who have been broadly vocal about their support for the policy.

Easier said than done rings the truest in Washington, and this is just another shining example that principle means nothing in politics, while party means everything. When you get elected, it is no longer a matter of what you do and don’t do on actual policy, or what your ethical codes are. All it really is is a game; people will go and vote based on whether or not there is a D or R in front of the name, and not on principle for conviction.

Ron Paul wrote in the first parts of The Revolution that politics is mostly fake these days. The wars will always continue, the taxes will always be levied, and spending will always increase.

Political parties are a sad joke in American society. A meaningless duopoly is all that runs Washington, and Ivanka’s plight is just another example.

Image from Fortune.

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