Donald Trump Is Just Another Big-Government President

By Ethan Suquet | United States

As a former deplorable, I regret to say, in 2020 if President Trump is renominated I cannot support the Republican nominee. As much as I want to defeat the Democrats and their left-wing agenda, being anti-left is not enough to gain my support in a general election.

If I were to vote solely on being anti-left I would not be writing this piece, but in selecting a candidate to support in 2020 I don’t need someone that is just anti-left, I need someone who is conservative, and a few days ago President Trump crossed the Rubicon in the wrong direction.

While reluctantly supporting him late last year because I supported most of his policies yet I thought and still believe that he does not have the moral character that other nominees including Governor Romney and Senator McCain would have possessed as President. In December I was finally starting to come back to my 2016 views of supporting President Trump.

His administration was cutting taxes, repealing harmful regulations such as net neutrality, recognizing Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel, and returning vast swaths of land unethically nationalized by the Obama administration to its state of origin. In short, things were going just fine.

In early January, however, his administration began taking a turn for the worse. As I pointed out in an article, I wrote for 71 Republic on January 17th titled “Stand with Ryan.”

“On the one hand, there’s the populist wing of the Republican party led by President Trump that would like 2018 to focus on what would amount to a bipartisan multi-billion dollar boondoggle on infrastructure spending. On the other hand, lies the conservative wing of the Republican party, led by Speaker Ryan that is ready to sit down and be the adults in the room that make sure that future generations aren’t handed down tens of trillions of dollars more in debt because of irresponsible entitlement spending.”

I stood against the same President of whom I was so supportive of in December of 2017 because I recognized that he was heading down a faulty road of another big government stimulus boondoggle.

While the battle seems to have resulted in a short-term victory for the Trump administration as a conservative I will do whatever I can even if it means running for office or working on conservative campaigns to make sure that the American dream is not crushed by the big government policies that are seemingly plaguing the Trump administration.

This pattern continued to his State of the Union. When President Trump gave his State of the Union address, I was in a group chat with about 10 of my conservative friends, and I remember I was the only one who wasn’t a big fan of his speech. While I liked most of what he said in his speech with a few significant exceptions such as parts on trade and infrastructure, what made me dislike his address was not what was in it but rather what was not.

In an address that dragged on for more than an hour, I would think that a debt crisis with a magnitude of 20 trillion dollars is something worthwhile to mention, but apparently, President Trump disagrees.

While I was willing to publicly criticize these actions it was not until recently that I was ready to finally cross that final line and declare to myself and to others that I was part of the Never Trump movement in 2020.

What finally got me to this point was a few days ago was a Washington Post article titled “Trump plan will drop GOP’s traditional goal of balancing the budget within 10 years”. This article points out exactly what the title says and goes beyond that. Not only is President Trump’s administration backing away from his 2017 budget proposal which would have balanced the budget in 10 years but he is also agreeing to trillion dollar deficits which is something that I as a conservative deficit hawk who believes in a balanced budget amendment cannot support.

I cannot support another big Government Republican that will balloon the national debt and leave my generation with the bill, and that is why I can no longer stand behind President Trump. As a member of the press I will continue to support him when he’s right and not hesitate to call him out when he’s wrong, but with regards to my vote in 2020, President Trump has swayed too far from my conservative principles to gain my support in the 2020 election.

I will not completely rule out voting for him if there are major positive changes in his administration, but I highly doubt that will happen and at least for now he has lost my support.

I sincerely hope that he either drastically improves between now and 2020 or a serious primary opponent such as Senator Flake or soon to be Senator Romney can stop him so that I can vote for the Republican nominee for President in 2020 but as for now I am no longer riding the Trump train, and I am now walking away from the train station.


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