Lila Rose Exposes Planned Parenthood Lies

By Ethan Suquet | United States

In a recent video for PragerU, the founder of Live Action, Lila Rose tore into Planned Parenthood in possibly one of the best attack videos in modern times.

Lila Rose wastes no time in calling out Planned Parenthood on an absolute fraud that many people have bought into, the idea that Planned Parenthood is a healthcare provider. As Lila Rose eloquently states in the video, the goal of a healthcare provider is to preserve lives while Planned Parenthood does the opposite by ending the lives of the unborn.

As she points out Planned Parenthood claims to hold a leadership position in providing healthcare for women yet when a woman goes to Planned Parenthood for a service such as adoption, the response received by many women is a simple “Google it.”

It’s one thing for this organization to end innocent unborn lives through the horrid practice of abortion but do they have to add insult to injury by lying about it? The answer is no of course, but at least now in modern times, through the internet, we have a greater ability to expose them for the lies that they tell to stay in business.

To further expose them, Ms. Rose picks apart the lie that abortions are only a small percent of what Planned Parenthood does. The truth is that the way Planned Parenthood wraps this lie in a blanket of truth is the way they count services. To give an example, let’s say a woman walks into a planned parenthood facility, before the abortion she wants to be sure that she’s pregnant, so she gets a pregnancy test, then once its confirmed that she’s pregnant she gets an abortion and on the way out to make sure she doesn’t have to come back she gets birth control. By the logic of Planned Parenthood this is three distinct services, so abortion is only 33% of what they do even though everything they did was related to the abortion.

To further illustrate this point in her video for PragerU, Ms. Rose cites text from National Review.
“It would be like Major League Baseball saying they sell 20 million hot dogs, but only play 2,430 games, so baseball is only .012% of what they do.” This is obviously extraordinarily dishonest, but there is likely no length to which Planned Parenthood is unwilling to bend the truth to maintain their organization.

Their motivation for spreading these falsehoods, aside from keeping their business, is keeping their taxpayer subsidies. It is federal law that no taxpayer money may be spent on abortion, yet through the deception that there is a wall of separation between their abortion services, yet they still receive more than $500 million a year in money from the federal government, money which can easily be used to help their organization perform more abortions.

To finish off the video, Ms. Rose points out that “Planned Parenthood’s biggest enemy isn’t conservatives or religious people. Its biggest enemy is truth.”

To watch the full PragerU video click the link below


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