Why Restart Energy (MWAT) Has Massive Potential In The Energy & Cryptocurrency Markets

The Romanian Start-Up Has The Revenue And Vision To Become A Major Disruptor


Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

Renewable and energy are the sort of buzzwords that salivate the pallet of new investors and turn seasoned traders grey. There is a lot of hype around the expectation that global energy markets will shift to renewables in the near future. With consumers and governments focusing on clean energy proposals, energy companies that can efficiently offer renewable energy at scale may represent some of the best investment opportunities of the 21st century.

Much like the industries of artificial intelligence and space travel, the market for each of these products is still maturing and could be many years from fruition. Of the three sectors, renewable energy appears the most likely to become profitable in the short to near term. The infrastructure required to make renewable energy a practical power source is already in place today with a growing number of sophisticated users and producers ready to make the transition.

Restart Energy is Romanian company that has been in the renewable energy business for several years and is on track to make an estimated $100 million in profit for 2018. They are a peer-to-peer energy trading platform that already boasts 30,000 active customers in Romania with another 5,000 new customers signed up in the past two months. Their business model is simple: cut out the middleman of energy production with blockchain technology and offer direct franchising with Restart Energy for individual holders.

In a similar vein of Lithuanian startup We Power and Australian Power Ledger, Restart Energy intends to capitalize on a market that is shifting from niche to common. At its core, Restart Energy is an energy trading platform. It allows for a peer-to-peer producer to consumer direct pipeline of energy trading that will be managed and organized by the Restart Energy’s “Red” platform. The platform aims to produce reduced costs associated with energy production and offer greater profit margins for decentralized power. You can read more specifics on the company in their beautiful white paper (here).

Restart Energy released details of several new partnerships this week on medium (here). They have received their license to supply electricity in Serbia, opened a subsidiary in free market haven Singapore, registered with UK officials, and are in advanced stages of negotiation to buy a Bulgarian energy company. Furthermore, Restart is spreading their business into the countries of Germany, Spain, Greece & Turkey.

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When considering to become an investor or not, it’s important to investigate the value of the token you’re buying. The MWAT token is purchasable on Kucoin exchange right now and it acts as a digital battery that stores energy. The Mega-Watt token (MWAT) is refilled by a KW token which will be accessible through Restart Energy’s Red platform. At its essence, MWAT is a utility token that allows access to Red Platform and you must own MWAT to participate.

For holders of the token, Restart Energy has incentivized a rewards program that will produce a passive income of 5% for early adopters that hold a certain amount of the token. Furthermore, investors that hold 10,000 MWAT ($450 at the time of this writing) will have the option of opening a franchise with the company. The franchise option is a tiered system and an investor could technically franchise an entire country if they hold enough MWAT. There are two franchise options through the company that can allow an investor decide how involved they want to be with the company. One option allows for a small passive income route while the other would see an investor managing their franchise and making a larger stake in profits.

The blockchain provides two key necessities to make the project succeed. First, it provides full transparency for investors who can track every transaction through a public ledger. More importantly, the blockchain provides smart contract applications that should help cut out the middlemen in the energy business while providing a system of trust.

Restart energy has seen a massive growth in revenue over the past few years. In 2016 they did five million dollars in business, in 2017 it grew to $20 million and for 2018 estimates are showing a return of over $100 million. By 2020 they plan to be operating in over 45 countries and to have six million customers. Restart aims to be in the USA by 2019 and to have over nine million paying customers by 2023 with an estimated three billion dollars in revenue.

MWAT’s team is headed by CEO Armand Doru Domatu. Along with his advisors, the group has spearheaded over 500 energy products in various alliances throughout Europe. With an estimated marketcap of only $20 million dollars, it would appear that Restart Energy is vastly undervalued. Compared to other teams and platforms in the space, Restart Energy has a working product, an experienced team and a communication team that effectively explains what their product is an how it intends to revolutionize energy. In my opinion, Restart Energy looks to be one of the best high risk/high reward cryptocurrencies on the market today.

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*This is not financial advice. I am an early adopter of cryptocurrency and an avid follower of the space but this is only my opinion. Please do your own research!


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