Planning Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio: An Interview With Ben, Founder Of The Crypto Planner

By Matthew Geiger | @mattg444

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Has your teenage child told you to invest Bitcoin? What about that young intern at the office who talks nonstop about Ethereum? They’re talking about cryptocurrency. You know, the super intricate and sometimes robotic and fake sounding digital money financial system that no one seems to understand? Well, both the intern and your child have doubled their investments within a week, looks like you might need to take a deeper look.

Luckily, there’s a company for that.

Last week, I sat down with Ben, Founder of The Crypto Planner (TCP). TCP is a cryptocurrency investing club tailored for anybody who wants professional guidance with their current or potential cryptocurrency investments.

Meet Ben, The Brains Behind TCP

Outside of the blockchain, Ben is the owner of his own financial advisement and insurance agency, making him an expert in all things regarding personal investments.

Ben, Founder of The Crypto Planner

I asked Ben about how he translates his advice regarding normal financial investments into those looking to get into cryptocurrency. In short, here is his philosophy regarding both “regular” and cryptocurrency investments:

With new clients, he analyzes two individual variables; risk assessment, and time horizon.

The risk assessment of a client is how high of a tolerance the particular person has when dealing with risk. Essentially, how conservative or how aggressive of an investor do you want to be, and how much money are you willing to lose, or potentially, gain?

Time horizon is the “life” of a person’s portfolio. Say if someone is in their 20’s, they maybe have 40-plus years until retirement, and can maybe foot larger risks because they will have more time to recover. However, if someone is on the opposite side of the spectrum, say just ten years from retirement, a more conservative approach needs to be established to prevent large swings in one’s total portfolio.

The Crypto Planner: Crypto Currency For The Adult World

Moving on to the focal point of this article, what is TCP trying to provide? Here’s what Ben had to say:

Inside of the cryptocurrency space, there were no qualified financial professionals out there providing investment advice to those who were either new or relatively inexperienced when it came to buying crypto, and it’s a void that I intend to fill.

I then followed up by asking Ben about what the target demographic of TCP is, to which he answered,

Cryptocurrency currently is skewing towards a much younger class of investors, and I would say that my demographic would be those on more of the older end of the crypto investment space…I would guess that to mean that most of our clients are in the 30-45 range, and I would also add that most of our clients are willing to invest somewhere between $5,000-$15,000 dollars into the crypto market.

My last question for Ben addressed the volatility of cryptocurrency. How would someone with a house, car, steady job, etc, invest into something with such huge risk and uncertainty with the guarantee of being financially secure?

Ben answered my question with the following:

The way to avoid [large swings in one’s total portfolio] it is to have only a portion of your portfolio allocated to what you feel is a comfortable amount in that volatile area.

Final Thoughts

Throughout my interview with Ben, he strongly emphasized the “learning” aspect of TCP. His website has an entire page dedicated to explaining the basics of cryptocurrency, such as forks, ICOs, and blockchain technology in general. Ben also produces live weekly webcasts for clients where he explains the latest trends in the market, alongside other key cryptocurrency tips and tricks.

The concept of TCP is certainly unique. Due to the fact that cryptocurrencies are relatively young, they’re typically adopted earliest by younger and/or tech-savvy investors, which leaves a disconnect for those who might be older. All in all, Ben is willing to take on regular, everyday people who may have little to no experience in cryptocurrency, and turn them into seasoned investors who could potentially see a nice return on their investments.

Listen to the full interview here.

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