An Open Letter to Young Advocates of Gun Control

By James Sweet | United States

Dear Young Gun Control “Activists”,

Congratulations! You have successfully re-ignited a debate over guns, declaring yourselves the leaders of this debate! While I strongly disagree with your policies, it is nice to see a change in the political climate. You are being hailed as warriors by the mainstream media, with politicians and Hollywood elitists supporting you with strong words, as well as with Federal Reserve Notes. What a wonderful time to be alive, right?

No. You’re not special, and you have shown that you have no idea what you believe in, nor do you know what you’re talking about.

“Stop complaining, they don’t want to take our guns!” Uh, yes, they do, you’re just ignorant enough to ignore the consequences of the actions that many want to be enacted. Let’s look at Cameron Kasky, the founder of March For Our Lives (which should have been called March Against Our Rights). Cameron has a Twitter, like many activists do. Now, for someone who supposedly doesn’t want to take our guns away, he has a blatant disregard for the Second Amendment.

The second amendment was written when African Americans were still considered 3/5ths of a person…

As a matter of fact, if you read it, it didn’t even call them African Americans; it called them “Other Persons”

I really don’t want to listen to 200 years ago for EVERYTHING

Here is the link to his tweet.

There’s one large problem in the logic of this tweet: if we shouldn’t listen to the government that saw African Americans as 3/5ths of a person, why should we allow them to restrict our God-given right to bear arms? The best way to resist unjust treatment that sees certain humans as a fraction of another is through the armed resistance by the people, for the people.

By calling the right to bear arms a God-given right, I am not specifically referencing to the Christian God, but merely the supreme creator of the human race, allowing this to be applied to any religion. One can even say it’s a right from the Gods for the polytheistic religions, or a higher power for an atheistic religion or lack of religion. The United States Constitution is based on the idea of Natural Rights, championed by men like John Locke. The United States Constitution is the legal support for the right to bear arms, but not the moral justification. Morally, whether the constitution had the Second Amendment or not, it would be justified for one to own a firearm for the purpose of defense of one’s life, liberty, and property.

There are some in the nation that would base their justification merely on the Constitution, meaning they would hand over their guns in a heartbeat if Big Brother told them to. The ideas of the people that you (the gun control advocates) follow are based merely that all will hand over their guns, as the law is the final say. To some, including me, my morals are separate from the law, and the principles that I stand upon shall be the final say.

You may believe in the gun control argument based around Australia, except the facts are twisted up by the mainstream narrative.

Also, to those of you that participated in the walkouts, but stayed where your school told you to stay: you did nothing. The walkouts were a protests AGAINST the government’s inaction towards gun violence. So, by following the government’s orders, you did the exact opposite, and showed that you are just kids trying to get on your local news in an attempt to be part of a “movement”. To those students that actually went against what their school’s said: while I disagree with gun control (but also dislike gun violence), I applaud you actually going against what the government said.

The flaws of your little “movement” are evident. Gun control advocates at the March for our Lives were protected by cops and guards.

ARMED cops and guards.

They were protected by guns.

I hope the hypocrisy is evident.

Your “movement” is spoon fed by the media, and you are following what your peers are pressuring to do.

Focus on the facts, and think for yourself.


A Liberty Loving Teenager

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