Miracle In Missouri: Austin Petersen Could Win This Thing

By Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

If you listen closely enough you can hear the violins rising to announce our hero has come riding in from across the plains. Something big is brewing in Missouri. What looked like a shoe-in primary win for Republican candidate and current Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley has turned into a dogfight with one of the most charismatic and principled new right thinkers in the entire country.

Meet Austin Petersen.

Austin Petersen is not your average politician. A freedom firebrand with a background in musical theater, Petersen can be seen happily singing for campaign donations and has broadcast much of his tireless efforts over the past few months to an adoring and growing fanbase in the lead up to the August primary. A constitutional champion of free speech, Petersen routinely challenges gun control measures, chats intelligently about Bitcoin & is a firm believer in the right to life.

From the beginning, the campaign felt like a longshot. Petersen’s foray into politics before this race was as a Libertarian stalwart who almost bested Gary Johnson in what would’ve been arguably the greatest upset in LP history. Comparing his platform and demeanor between election cycles, it’s plain to see that Petersen has rounded out his message while gaining mainstream support. Just this week, Petersen was featured in The Daily Wire & was promoted on Twitter by Parkland student and gun rights superstar Kyle Kashuv. In the past few months, he has been featured on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and sat in with podcast giant Dave Rubin. As polling numbers have grown, Peterson’s miracle in Missouri is starting to look more like a sustained takedown of the neo-hawk gentleman’s club that dominates the modern GOP.

In a Gravis Marketing Poll released last week, Peterson’s campaign is showing signs of being the most formidable challenger against Democrat incumbent Claire McCaskill in the general election. The poll, which shows Petersen holding a considerable advantage on his primary opponent Josh Hawley, echoes a growing tide of resentment towards Hawley’s toothless campaign. Just this month, Politico featured a scathing report on Hawley’s absence from the campaign trail and his refusal to debate opponents on the issues. Meanwhile, Petersen’s grassroots candidacy has built an army of freedom ninjas who are flying in from all over the country to volunteer long hours in hopes of a victory.

Peterson represents a refreshed wing of an old party. His social liberalism falls in line with the “none of your business” Barry Goldwater types of old, and his honest questioning of war and monetary policy is a direct descendant of the Ron Paul revolution in 2008. His open advocacy for cryptocurrency has made him a stand out candidate and a new school model for every forward thinking freedom politician in this country.

If Petersen is successful, the good state of Missouri will send an honest man of the people to Washington DC. It would be a stunning rebuke to the ladder-climbing politicians that have come to dominate our laws, culture and future.

For more information on Petersen’s campaign, please visit: www.AustinPetersen.com

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