Dear New York: Elect Larry Sharpe

By Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

Why does is it have to be this way? Too often in this country, the best candidate rarely wins. It’s always an ex-HBO know nothing (Cynthia Nixon) with Rothschild money slinking into the rat-infested subway to promote some god-awful ‘reform’ among the ‘common folk’ that gets the limelight. Or worse, a career politician whose one resume highlight is that he lies with the smile of 10,000 daggers (Andrew Cuomo).

Which brings me to the one honest and truly viable candidate running for Governor of New York this year: Larry Sharpe. The media has blackballed him from the start. He makes so much since they don’t want you to hear what he has to say. So what does he have to say? Take a listen for yourself and tell me you’re not ready to run through a brick wall for this guy!

Forget that he’s a Libertarian. In fact, forget everything you know about Libertarians. You shouldn’t vote for people based on their political affiliation. You should vote for somebody because of the truth that they tell and on this campaign trail it is Larry Sharpe who has been dropping truth bomb after truth bomb.

Sharpe has been a staunch advocate for loosening regulations on small businesses, lowering taxes with the hopes of growing upper and lower New York and overturning the “SAFE Act” which has targeted constitutionalists and minorities alike. While his two challengers have suggested using the state to enforce moral and legal degradation of New York citizen’s rights, Sharpe has spoken eloquently on the topics of unrestrained liberty and forward-thinking legislation. Furthermore, Sharpe has been an unabashed champion of all New Yorkers instead of aiming his promises towards the aristocracy of NYC elites that dominate too much of the political conversation.

Born and raised in New York City, Sharpe is a military veteran who has seen the dangers of big government interventionism up close and personal. Raised in a poor family that was affected by the drug war, Sharpe has literal skin in the game. A forward-looking politician, Sharpe has warned of the dangers that artificial intelligence will pose to the economic and cultural well being of our society. While his challengers pose for photo shoots, Mr. Sharpe is running a grassroots campaign that speaks to the very real concerns of New Yorkers.

Mr. Sharpe is raising money to make sure that his campaign reaches every part of New York. Although the mainstream media has done everything in their power to keep New Yorkers from hearing Mr. Sharpe’s message of peace and prosperity, the entrepreneurial spirit of his campaign has propelled him onto progressive talk and news shows throughout the state. Now it is time for New Yorkers to take action with their vote.

For more information on Larry Sharpe’s campaign please visit his website:


One thought on “Dear New York: Elect Larry Sharpe”

  1. This is the first time I have heard about Sharpe opposing AI. That’s not very libertarian since it’s the free market that produced it. That’s a little concerning as is his opposition to right to work. I’m not saying he is a bad candidate as I am sure I agree with him 90 percent of the time but those two things are concerning.

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