Gun Control Dies on August 1

By Mason Mohon | United States

Technology has always been a glorious liberator. The internet meant that the state could no longer hide the terrible things they do from the watching public. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have allowed people to make exchanges without using the notes issued by the dangerous Federal Reserve. Blockchain technology means we can safely store truth immutably without a centralized force. The newest addition to this list of technological liberators is 3d printed guns.

Cody Wilson, a native of Austin, Texas and UT law student, may have very well provided us with the most surefire defense from the state that we will ever need. Wilson released the blueprints for his 3D printable guns in 2013. Shortly after his single shot firearm “the Liberator” was released, the state department ordered that he take the blueprints off the internet.

Since then, he has been in a lawsuit, but the Trump administration decided to settle the matter. On August first the files of the gun building blueprints will be available on

This is not Wilson’s only project in the world of untraceable guns. His “Ghost Gunner” kit allows for users to create 80% of a firearm without any sort of serial number. Without any prior CNC (computer numeral control) knowledge, consumers of this product can “legally manufacture unserialized rifles and pistols in the comfort and privacy of home.”

Wilson recognizes the magnitude of this lawsuit’s settlement, tweeting a picture of a gravestone with the words “American Gun Control” on it:

Anyone with the right machine and materials will be capable of manufacturing complete and effective firearms from their own computers come August. This has sparked fear and outrage from advocates of gun control:

Firearms are a major line of defense against government tyranny and local crime. A government facing an armed population would not dare tread on liberties. The founders put the Second Amendment into the constitution so we could shoot at the state’s goons if we were fed up with their tyranny.

On August 1, guns will be much easier to produce. They will no longer fall victim to the tyranny of governments and corporations. Once these schematics are released, download them and save them in case the hand of state censorship pounds down once again. And go ahead and build yourself a gun.

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