President Trump, Take Away CNN’s White House Press Pass

By Nick Hamilton | United States

A couple of weeks ago, Trump supporters at a rally heckled CNN’s Jim Acosta. Many in his support base believe that he spread false information via his position on CNN. This sparked, once again, a battle between the President, his administration, and his supporters against the mainstream media.

Over the last few weeks, CNN has claimed President Trump is taking away their right to free press. Well, CNN fails to realize that President Trump hasn’t signed anything prohibiting them from being anywhere. He hasn’t taken any constitutional rights away from them. It’s not like he’s signed any order saying that they can’t report certain topics. All President Trump has done is claims CNN is reporting fake news. However, President Trump should actually do more to prevent the spread of false information by CNN.

It’s time for the president to take away CNN’s White House Press Pass.

Jim Acosta is one of the most disrespectful reporters in the history of the United States. If you look at this clip, courtesy of Mark Dice, you see Acosta at a White House Press Briefing, where he asks a question, and barely gives White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders two seconds to answer him before he cuts her off and asks a follow up.

This isn’t the first time Acosta has displayed disrespect to a member of the White House. You may recall that last year, before Trump was inaugurated, a female reporter was trying to ask a question when Acosta interrupted her, trying to speak over her. President Trump then insisted that Acosta sit down and wait to be called on, but Acosta took that as a sign to keep engaging. It then led President Trump to say perhaps one of the funniest and most famous things he’s ever said to a reporter: “You are fake news.”

Acosta, who had just displayed terrible journalistic etiquette, tried to lecture Trump about how President Trump was the one being, “inappropriate.” There is debate over whether this is true, but regardless, Acosta is hardly the right person to state this. Acosta, later that day, then proceeded to complain on his home network because Press Secretary Sean Spicer threatened to have him removed from the briefing if he kept up that behavior.

Access to the White House via a press pass is a privilege. CNN is treating it like it’s their right. They’re not entitled to a White House Press Pass, and frankly, shouldn’t have one. CNN’s spread of misinformation, attempts to censor right wing news outlets, and utter disrespect for not only the President, but other reporters as well are enough reason for the White House to say that CNN is not welcome at any further White House Press Briefings. CNN acts like it’s their job to be this disrespectful, when really it’s not. As for who gets to go to Press Briefings instead of CNN? Well,  71 Republic could ask some fantastic questions, but that’s a discussion for another time.

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