SCOTUS Pick Kavanaugh Supports Government Spying

Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court Justice, has been an active supporter of illegal and immoral government surveillance.

Harley Austin | United States

After the massive storm of recent news regarding Kavanaugh’s ongoing sexual assault allegations, many have overlooked a very large flaw in the nominee’s record. Throughout his career, Kavanaugh has been an active supporter of unjust government surveillance ever since its inception. This is all in spite of said spying’s clear violations of the 4th amendment. This essential amendment was created to prohibit searches and seizure performed without a warrant, which surveillance by the government does not have.

This massive disregard for the constitution is quite ironic for someone who supporters call a “constitutionalist” and makes him completely unqualified to be a Supreme Court Justice. His stance on surveillance makes it obvious that he’s another puppet of the State and the Trump administration, something that should be of no surprise.

The Patriot Act

In the early 2000s, Brett Kavanaugh was an associate on one of President George W Bush’s legal councils. As part of his role on this committee, he assisted with the drafting of the infamous PATRIOT Act. To put it simply, this law tremendously increased the government’s surveillance powers, weakened former privacy laws, and led to the unconstitutional surveillance state we live under today. The PATRIOT Act laid the foundation for the wiretapping, data collection, and NSA spying that would soon follow.

The official statement, made by Kavanaugh, that would eventually be included in the PATRIOT Act specifically says:

…the new law will update laws authorizing government surveillance.”

For a supposed “constitutionalist”, it seems that Kavanaugh was actively in support of the highly unconstitutional practice of massive unwarranted surveillance. Such immense powers in the hands of government is more tyrannical than anything the Founders could’ve dreamed of. Therefore, Kavanaugh has shown that he clearly does not support the constitution as it was written and should not have the authority to interpret it.

NSA Spying

This is a much more recent case, and equally appalling to anyone who even remotely supports the right to privacy. In 2015, while serving as a judge, Kavanaugh again supported government surveillance in the form of the NSA’s massive (and unconstitutional) collection of private data.

Kavanaugh’s official statement says:

I do so because, in my view, the Government’s metadata collection program is entirely consistent with the Fourth Amendment.”

This form of support for unwarranted, unjustified, and tyrannical surveillance of the American people cannot be tolerated. The American people must look past the purposely divisive news stories corporate media has chosen to push and focus on the real issues. While we fight amongst ourselves over allegations and testimonies, we purposely ignore Kavanaugh’s horrific views on Americans’ right to privacy. We must say no to government surveillance, no to those who will destroy/compromise our rights for “safety”, and no to Brett Kavanaugh.

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