The Democrats Have Embarrassed Themselves

By Nick Hamilton | United States

Ever since Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court on Saturday, the Democrats in America have lost their cool. AntiFa, or the basement dwellers of America, has staged numerous violent protests over this past week around the nation. On Saturday, a mob of Democrats stormed the Supreme Court and tried to literally pry open the Supreme Court doors. We’ve never seen anything like it. The Democrats have become nothing short of an utter embarrassment.

In an interview on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee, urged the most un-American notion I’ve ever seen. She stressed that the Democrats cannot maintain civility with Republicans because they don’t represent their values. Not only that, but a former Attorney General under the Obama Administration, Eric Holder, said, “When they go low, we kick em.” This is frightening. Are we just going to meet everything we disagree with in this country with violence? Just imagine for a second that Donald Trump suggested that Republicans can’t remain civil with Democrats anymore because we disagree with them. The media would be all over the place on it. Now, if Trump said that, obviously I’d call him out on it, as would many other people, because it doesn’t truly represent American values. Why won’t the liberal media do the same when one of their members does it? That’s what we call hypocrisy at it’s finest.

However, the fun has just begun. On Wednesday night, the night before a key meeting between Kanye West and President Donald Trump, CNN’s Don Lemon (who was included in the Columbia Journalism Review’s list of “Worst Journalism” in 2014, you can view that entire list here) had a panel of guests on his show. They were discussing this meeting, and what came out of one of the anchor’s mouths what quite disturbing.

“He’s an attention whore, like the president. He’s all of a sudden now the model spokesperson. He’s the token negro of the Trump administration,” -CNN Contributor Tara Setmeyer

“Kanye West is what happens when negroes don’t read” -Former Congressman Bakari Sellers

This is where we’re at folks. The left, the party that claims to take a stand against racism and bigotry, the party that claims to be so “tolerant” decides to simultaneously throw out racial slurs to people who disagree with them. Sellers later put the clip on his Instagram and stated that he stood completely behind what he said on CNN. So the question has to be asked: Have the Democrats really changed that much since the 1960’s? Are the Democrats really this great party of acceptance and tolerance that they say they are? Does CNN have the moral right to really be calling anything racist from here on out? Keep in mind, their anchors pretended to have outrage when Trump made his Pocahontas joke at a ceremony, yet TWO of their contributors just decided to throw out a racial slur on live television.

While we’re on the subject of Don Lemon, how about those comments he made about Kanye’s mom Thursday night? He asserted in his show that Kanye’s mother was “rolling in her grave” concerning Kanye West’s meeting with the President. Seriously? We’re bringing people’s parents into this now? Why? Seriously, Don, only third graders make insensitive comments about people’s parents like that. However, it seems as if that may be an upgrade for CNN’s reporters.

To sum it all up, the left has had an embarrassing week. Actually, an embarrassing few weeks. All we’ve seen from them is their platform dying, which shouldn’t serve them well going into midterms in less than a month. I’ve stated before in an article how I feel about the Democrat running for Senate where I live, Beto O’Rourke, and quite frankly, he’s made even more of a fool out of himself since I wrote that article, saying that police officers are “the new Jim Crow” and that he would not have voted to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.

Nevertheless, I firmly believe that Republicans will have a fantastic midterm season, and my prediction for midterms is that Republicans will maintain control of Congress, and, if anything, gain seats in the Senate. In North Dakota, you’ll definitely see the incumbent Senator Heidi Heitkamp get unseated. According to a poll conducted by Fox News, challenger Kevin Cramer was up 12 points, in a state where 62% of people approve of the job President Trump is doing. In Montana, we may see Jon Tester get unseated by challenger Matt Rosendale. Tester is holding slight leads in polls as of right now, with an average of 3 points. Perhaps the most important race in this midterm election season is the Missouri Senate election. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, and Josh Hawley, a Republican, are battling out one of the closest races this midterm season, with Hawley having an average lead in the polls of just .4 points. Many news organizations who have conducted polls on this race have found ties within this race, while some have found each candidate to be up by around three points. This race is an important one for the Republicans, and if the Republicans can win in Missouri, as well as in North Dakota and Montana, the Trump agenda and the Republican agenda will be looking very prominent for at least the next two years.

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