The President’s Preposterous Caravan Claims

By Art Pratt | United States

There is a caravan of about 7,000 people marching up from Guatemala and Honduras, through Mexico to the United States border. President Trump, in his campaign speeches, has said who these people are and what they are up to.

Trump says they are criminals, bad people, gang members of MS13, Middle Easterners (can you say Muslims?). He says George Soros and other rich Democrats are paying them to march up to the border. Trump is also saying that we should be very afraid of these bad people. He says that Democrats are shepherding them because the Democrats love criminals and gang members and murderers and bad people.

In Trump’s world, if the Democrats win the midterm elections, they will order all the border guards to welcome all of these dangerous immigrants into our country. Many of them will immediately head for “sanctuary cities” to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting populations. Others will unite with their fellow MS13 brotherhood to destroy law and order wherever they can. The Middle Easterners will do Muslim things and bring an end to Christianity in the United States.

The barbaric Democrats will be overjoyed. They will have won.

Trump wants this caravan to come to the border to strike fear into the hearts of Americans so they will vote for Republicans on November 6th.

No! Wait a minute! That’s not right. It’s insane! It’s ridiculous, ludicrous.

Why not say these would-be immigrants are not being paid by George Soros and other rich Democrats, but by filthy rich Republican businessmen and political donors?

Since you don’t see any pictures of them at night, why not say they are staying in Trump hotels,  absolutely free? And while you’re at it, why not say they can get a free dinner, too? And also, how about that the hotels will make them lunches to eat as they walk north toward the United States border? How about Trump providing buses for those immigrants who get tired of walking?

Is that any crazier of a thought than what Trump is saying about the caravan? It makes about as much sense and has about as much evidence.

Who are these would-be immigrants in the caravan, really? Basically, they are ordinary people whose countries are persecuting them. They are afraid that gangs and the government will kill their children and rape their women. Without moving, all of their lives are in danger.

Why are they actually coming to the United States? To find freedom. To find jobs so they can support their families. Most importantly, to keep their family members safe and alive and not subject to persecution. They are coming to the United States like thousands, millions of immigrants have come, in the past: to find a better life, and also to help build a safe and strong nation.

What will happen to them when they get to the United States border? Previously, when a group of immigrants seeking asylum arrived at the border, government officials brought them across the bridge, a couple of hundred of them at a time. As soon as they got into the United States, if they had children with them, the state took them away and put them into concentration camps.

How long will they be in these prisons? I don’t know. But at some point, they will be taken out
and kicked across the border back into Mexico.

It is possible to prevent these atrocities from happening. Members of all political parties must develop fair and just immigration procedures to allow good and honest people to enter this country to live and work.

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