The True Cost of Socialized Healthcare: Canadian Eugenics

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

Canada is seen by many as the bastion of liberalism. It helps all those that are in need, provides for all of the downtrodden, and Trudeau is the king of political correctness. It seems as if it is a haven for those slightly left of center – especially considering the recent legalization of marijuana. But this progressive machine has a dark underbelly: its socialized healthcare system has resulted in eugenicist practices against Indigenous people.

According to a report from The Washington Post, many Indigenous women have been forcibly sterilized. As revealed by a class-action lawsuit against the Saskatoon Health Region, the province of Saskatchewan, at least 60 women have been sterilized over the course of 20 to 25 years. Many women report never giving any consent to the procedure. Others recall being lied to or pressured during post-birth exhaustion. Either way, the Canadian government has been grossly irresponsible.

Some have described it as an act of genocide, and they are probably right. The decision to target Indigenous women when pressuring/forcing sterilization is no doubt threatening to the Indigenous peoples of Canada, whether intentional or not. Article II of the United Nations convention on genocide prohibits “imposing measures intended to prevent birth within a group.”

This action and similar ones are not a fluke, but a feature of a government-run system.

When healthcare is socialized, consumers don’t get the chance to say “no, I am going to chose a better option.” The Canadian government is the one footing the bill, so they get to choose what happens to the patient. This is especially true if decisions are made mid-procedure, completely removing the need for patient consent.

Nobody in Canada is allowed to say “I will not support such an institution” because they are forced to pay for it through taxes. This guarantees that, no matter what the Canadian government ends up doing, they will continue to be funded. Thus, these public institutions can get away with doing horrendous actions. The preventative measures that can be taken to stop such an action from further occurring are implemented slowly and inefficiently, for that is the nature of state-run enterprise.

A better option would be opening up the market on healthcare and restoring sovereignty to the consumers. Allowing Canadians to say “no, my money will not go towards genocide” is a good thing. Removing the socialized healthcare system would result in the Canadian population no longer being stakeholders in eugenicist practices.

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