Jagmeet Singh: Cheating the Canadian Political System

Alexander Robak | Canada

Following the resignation of now-mayor of Vancouver Kennedy Stewart from his seat in the House of Commons, the seat has sat empty, awaiting a by-election. The seat represents the constituents of Burnaby South. Since September 14th, 2018, this seat has sat vacant. Therefore, the people of this constituency have had no say in federal Canadian politics for about two months. However, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has yet to call by-elections for the four vacant seats currently in the House of Commons. The ridings in question are Nanaimo-Ladysmith, York-Simcoe, Outremont, and Burnaby South.

It makes sense that he would be hesitant to call these four by-elections. After all, not a single one of them previously held a Liberal Member of Parliament, following the federal election in 2015. The New Democratic Party controlled three of the seats, while Conservative Peter van Loan held the last. By-elections, hence, are unlikely to benefit Trudeau. Many believe, in fact, that his inaction thus far is meant to preserve the political benefits of empty opposing parties. If true, it calls the prime minister’s integrity int question. Will he let these constituents remain unrepresented simply because it doesn’t fit his political agenda?

The Burnaby South By-election

Of the announced candidates for this proposed by-election, we have Guy Champoux of the Rhinoceros Party, Jay Shin, of the Conservatives, and Jagmeet Singh of the New Democratic Party. All seems in order, considering Trudeau has yet to call the election. However, one this simply does not make sense, when inspected with a cautious eye.

Jagmeet Singh is from Toronto, not Burnaby. He has only put himself into this by-election only because it is a certainty that he will end up in the House of Commons. Jagmeet Singh has never sat in the House of Commons, despite being the leader of the New Democratic Party since 2017.

It makes absolutely zero sense for the people of Burnaby South to elect Jagmeet Singh to their seat. It is meant to represent the constituents of that riding, not give a soapbox to a failing political leader. Jagmeet Singh is not from Burnaby South. He has no idea how to represent the people of Burnaby South, considering that he himself has never been one. He does not have the interests of these people in mind when putting his name in this by-election. That is for one simple reason: he has no idea what those interests are.

Jagmeet Singh: Not a True Representative

Singh is completely out of touch from the people of Burnaby South and their interests. In fact, Jagmeet Singh has spent his entire political career inside the borders of Ontario; he has not once been politically active in British Columbia. He is exploiting a by-election in an NDP stronghold, simply to give himself a soapbox to spread his views in the House of Commons.

In doing this, he is completely cheating the purpose of the Canadian parliamentary system. If Jagmeet Singh wins the Burnaby South by-election, the people of this constituency will not be represented. It will be like the election had never occurred at all, for the people will still have no voice.

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