Will We Stand Up to the Ban on Bump Stocks?

By Benjamin Olsen | United States

2018 is gone, and yet the New Jersey ban on High Capacity magazines is still yet to gain any ground. The ban was implemented during the 218th commencement of the New Jersey legislature and limits the capacity of magazines to 10 rounds. The previous law on the books already limited the capacity of magazines to 15 rounds. This came on the heels of new of the Trump administrations ban on Bump Stocks. Trump’s ban will take effect in March 2019.

We might consider New Jersey a liberal state, and the passage of the law would support that, but the lack of compliance from all residents of the state is a beacon of hope for opponents to gun control. So far no citizen from New Jersey has turned in a magazine. This proves promising for the Bump Stock ban to take place in 2019, hopefully, we will see the same example of civil disobedience take place on a nationwide scale.

You will hear from the left and from mainstream Republicans, that the government will not take your guns and that these measures are simple and common sense. Where is the sense in banning magazines? Where is the sense in a ban on a mechanism that can be made at home with a belt or rope? These bans and limitations are an infringement on our rights. We may not be able to turn to the Constitution in all things but the wording of the 2nd amendment is clear. “Shall not be infringed” The relentless parade of laws from the Federal Government are nothing more than infringements. Starting with the National Firearms Act in the 1930s, Washington has slowly chipped away at our right to bear arms.

The ban on Bump Stocks is simple posturing by Trump for his bid for reelection. He is trying to gain favor on the left without much outrage from his base on the right. The argument has been made by many in the NRA and Mainstream Republicans that bump stocks are “stupid anyway.” They have lost the point if their argument is just that they don’t like them. They have gone away from “shall not be infringed” and are ready for their guns to be taken away, as long as a Republican does it. Trump supporters must realize that their “drain the swamp” candidate has now been enveloped in the blood sport of politics. They may not be coming for our guns in the normal fashion but the threats we have heard from Washington such as door to door confiscations of bump stocks or even the threat that any armed resistance could be met with nuclear retaliation. Where is the line that we will draw with our government? New Jersey has answered that we will draw the line at magazines. Will the nation answer will a line drawn at bump stocks?  

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