Governor Bill Weld Is the Best Libertarian Choice in 2020

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Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld has faced intense heat from members of the Libertarian Party since he ran alongside former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson on the 2016 Libertarian Presidential ticket. However, as we enter the 2020 primary season, it is fully clear Weld is the best choice for the Presidency. He is the liberty-minded man that seeks to dethrone President Trump for the Republican nomination.

Governor Bill Weld: A Proven Record of Liberty

Weld is a highly educated man with a history in law and politics, having received his law degree from Harvard University. He served as both the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts and the United States Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division under President Ronald Reagan.

Bill Weld was a champion for liberty during his two-term tenure as Governor of Massachusetts. His care for personal freedom earned the Republican two terms in the heavily blue state.

Under Weld’s first term in office, unemployment fell by over 3%. He continuously cut wasteful spending within the state and privatized many unnecessary organizations. The Cato Institute awarded him high grades year after year due to his smart fiscal policies. Moreover, he cut taxes 15 times in the state during his tenure and never raised them.

National Policies

While Governor Bill Weld may no longer be a Libertarian on paper, he is, without question, a libertarian in principle.

During the 2016 election, Weld consistently stated his desire to cut the funding of every federal agency by 20%. He also voiced support for lowering taxes to fit the lesser funding needs. Furthermore, he supports the right of states and local governments to regulate educational standards. Bill Weld would seek to end the federal government’s one-size-fits-all education approach.

He also acknowledges the existence of man-made climate change. But to fix the problem, he has stated we should “Promote competition” and “Incentivize innovation” rather than regulate carbon emissions and other harmful chemicals.

Weld has continuously spoken in support of free trade and stood against harmful tariffs. He has spoken out against regime change efforts that the United States has led over the years. He has additionally noted that handling what occurs in other countries is not in the interest of our citizens.

Personal Freedoms

Weld believes the government should have no place policing how peaceful Americans live their lives. In 1992, he stated that he wants “the government out of your pocketbook and your bedroom”. He extends this idea to issues such as LGBT marriage and abortion. In 2016, he affirmed that abortion is a “fundamental constitutional right of the individual.”

The former governor angered many Libertarians when they discovered that he supported a gun control bill as governor. The bill would have raised the gun buying age to 21, among other restrictions. However, in 2016, Weld made public that his stance had changed, affirming that he was a lifelong hunter who supported the Second Amendment in its entirety. He stated: “Restricting gun rights doesn’t make us safer, and threatens our constitutional freedoms”.

There is no candidate that will fight harder for the personal freedoms of Americans than Governor Bill Weld. The Democrats will likely choose a progressive who touts higher taxes and gun control. The current options within the Libertarian Party are anarchists and idealists with no realistic policy ideas. Bill Weld, on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air, a candidate who will truly put Americans first.

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