Yes, the FBI and DOJ Should Investigate Jussie Smollett

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Jussie Smollett, star of the hit TV show “Empire” recently had all charges dropped against him in his hate crime scandal. Smollet had alleged that two men had attacked him in a racially-motivated hate crime. But later evidence suggested that he had faked the attack. Theories ranged on what prompted Smollett to do this; some claim that it was for publicity, while others suggest it was an attack on President Trump. Police gave him 16 counts of disorderly conduct.

However, Chicago prosecutors have announced that they are dropping all charges. This has angered many people, especially Trump’s base. President Trump quickly tweeted out against the news, calling it an “embarrassment to our Nation”. He has since announced that he will have the DOJ and FBI review the case.

Corruption in the Smollett Case

President Trump is right: this is a disgrace to the nation. Plenty of evidence suggested that this was indeed a hoax. The Jussie Smollett case did not go on nearly long enough for any evidence to prove him innocent. There has not been any evidence brought forward that would suggest his police reports were not false. There appears to be no logical reason to drop the charges.

On the contrary, this appears to suggest obstruction of justice. Smollet is a gay, African-American Hollywood elite; he can use his status and demographics to get the easy way out. Would a white, straight, working-class man get off this easily? We don’t know for sure, but it appears not. Certainly not. The same goes for a poor African-American living on the streets. They probably would not get the “get out of jail free card,” that Smollett received.

Moreover, there has been little transparency about why prosecutors suddenly dropped the charges. Had there been new evidence that proved Smollett innocent, it would have become public knowledge, given all the attention the case has gotten. This has not yet occurred, leaving the people wondering if something occurred behind the scenes. No evidence suggests anything otherwise, and this situation is not improbable.

Jussie Smollett is just one example of an untouchable elite in this country, like many in Hollywood. Demi Lovato is yet another case; when Demi Lovato overdosed on heroin, the country showed her support and she didn’t face legal charges. When it happens to the common man, we lock them in prison.

Investigate the Case

This is a good move by the Trump administration. There has been little information as to why the Smollett case was dropped so suddenly and the American people have the right to know what happened in Chicago. Smollett’s case has caused mass political controversy that will only worsen if the truth is kept hidden. Furthermore, if there is any corruption in the courts for any case, the people must know and be able to act on it.

A corruption-free justice system is an import aspect of a free society. Trump’s plan for an investigation will only help assure we maintain a more pure justice system.

Refusal to investigate the case sets dangerous precedents: that the people have no right to know about possible corruption and that the ruling class is above the law. Trump’s call for an investigation is an echo from people who want liberty and justice.

Jussie Smollett is not above the law, but the Chicago judicial system has treated him as though he is. The FBI and DOJ must figure out what happened.

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