Joe Biden Exposed the Standards of the General Election

Jack Shields | @Jack_Shields20

The general election is still over a year away. We can’t trust presidential polls too much, especially if they’re within the margin of error. However, one candidate is not within the margin of error. Joe Biden is blowing Trump away. He has the moderate, blue-collar appeal that could win back the Rust Belt and give the suburban women uncomfortable with Trump a home in the Democratic Party. Every Democratic candidate will lose to Trump except for Biden, who would win in a blowout.

The Democratic Party Versus Trump

The Derailment of Joe Biden’s Presidential Ambitions

The Democratic base hates Trump. They compare him to Hitler and say he is ignoring the danger of climate change, which they compare to the danger of World War II. If they truly cared about defeating Trump more than anything, they would be lining up to vote Biden in and get the supposedly racist bigot out. Instead, many on the base, especially the new progressives, are attempting to derail Biden’s campaign before it even begins.

Why are they doing this? Why throw away your best chance to retake the White House? Because Joe Biden is weird. He is socially awkward. He held some women for too long, touched their foreheads, and smelled their hair. This has made some women uncomfortable. (Many have come out and defended him as well) They felt it reaffirmed the power dynamic and sexism that keeps women down in the workplace. This, to many in the base of his party, disqualifies him from the Office of the Presidency.

Biden’s actions are definitely odd. There is no disagreement about this, and conservatives have been making fun of him for it for years. However, it’s not rape. It’s not sexual assault or even sexual harassment. It’s just weird. He’s huggy, and he doesn’t have the best social skills. I know plenty of people like this. They aren’t evil sexists. They’re just a bit off in social situations. There is no reason for this to be disqualifying.

Social Justice is to Blame

So why is being socially weird now disqualifying? It is a bad side effect of the MeToo movement. The #MeToo movement is a net positive for society. That is undeniable. Men who use their power to rape or abuse women should be cast out from society and put into a prison or executed depending on the severity of the crime. And it is great that the Me Too movement shed a light on this abuse and we started to fix it as a society. The problem comes from the fact the Me Too movement has in no way established objective standards by which we may decide what to do.

We can all agree rape is bad and those people should go to prison. But what about people like Louis C.K.? What he did though odd and kind of gross was consensual. Should society cast him out? What if a man misreads a situation and goes in for a kiss with a woman who isn’t into it at all? Should he receive a punishment? Some would say yes, but some would say no. Without any objective standards in this area of life, the consequences will be negative for both men and women.

This has already been seen. Many businessmen will no longer have lunch alone with women or even have rooms on the same floor of the hotel, which blocks women from one on one circumstances that are critical for job advancements. Men are now under constant fear of having their life destroyed by accusations. And whether the accusations are true or false, they will almost undoubtedly be guilty in the public eye.

We, as a society, need to stop going down this road. We need to pause, come together, and at least agree on some standards. I am very religious and have my standards laid out for me. You may think those standards are too strict, but at least I have an objective way of determining right from wrong. Without objective standards, we are left with subjective standards. This leaves the possibility that for some people, doing whatever you want to them will be okay, and for others, hugging a little too long is worthy of punishment and condemnation. Such a system is sure to just cause more and more confusion and disaster.

Society’s Standards for Politicians and Other Humans

It is that disaster we have right now. Vice President Biden did nothing illegal. No one disputes this. But he made some women feel uncomfortable. Problem is, feeling uncomfortable is a completely subjective standard. We all have different comfort levels that are subject to change over time. For example, one of the women accusing Biden of making her feel uncomfortable had a picture taken of her with Biden at the moment where the alleged uncomfortableness arose. What did she do with the picture? She framed it, a rather odd thing to do if what he had done was truly immoral or disqualifying.

From a partisan standpoint, what has happened to Biden has been quite amusing. For years many in the Democratic Party have been building this monster up as a club by which to beat Republicans, with Justice Kavanaugh being the most obvious example. Finally seeing that club bash a Democrat can seem quite satisfying for those on the other side in the short run.

But we need to think beyond the short run. Do we really want to live in a country where people’s lives are ruined over been overly huggy and weird? Where instead of discussing the best foreign policy, tax policy, healthcare policy, and so on, we are forced instead to divert our time and resources into demanding apologies for situations which boil down into nothing more than awkwardness? Such a situation could not possibly bring about anything of benefit for our country.

We cannot have men abusing women without punishment. We cannot have men who have done nothing wrong thrown to the outskirts of society and public discourse with the same level of condemnation as the men who actually did something wrong. It’s time for the Me Too movement and those attacking people like Joe Biden to stop, and it’s time to come together and come up with some objective standards, so that we may begin to move forward from this in a positive way.

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