YALCON Shows Us the Future of the Liberty Movement

Kevin Damato | @KevinCDamato

YALCON is a libertarian convention held by the national organization Young Americans for Liberty (YAL). YAL is a multifaceted organization, holding both a 501(c)(3) for their education side and a 501(c)(4) for their political campaigning work in their “Operation Win at the Door” program.

One of the amazing benefits of being a member of your local YAL chapter is the ability to attend the aforementioned convention, which has 5 locations this year all around the country. During each YALCON, attendees have the opportunities to meet liberty leaders, learn how to expand their outreach knowledge, and network with their peers.

I was fortunate enough to have the ability to attend Philadelphia YALCON (the first of this year) and experience a wonderful array of things, the most important being the vast amount of future leaders in the movement for a free society.

Being a libertarian in today’s culture leads to the inevitable feeling of isolation. Through the erosion of our civil and economic liberties, painful losses of our candidates, and constant ridicule from establishment figures, it’s easy to feel like we’re alone. The even sadder realization is that until recently, we were alone.

However, this is rapidly changing. We know from studies that Generation Z is taking a turn libertarian, and that shows by the looks of this convention. A quick look at the pictures from the weekend of the convention, which was held at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott, has the ability to empower even the most depressed libertarian out there.

These highly energetic and intelligent young men and women that I had the pleasure of meeting over the course of the event give me true hope for the future of the United States. YAL does an excellent job of presenting speakers that maintain interest yet also give important lessons that can be used in their future fight for liberty. Speakers throughout the event included Dave Rubin, Nick Freitas, Kennedy, and Thomas Massie.

Another unique experience is the Liberty Candidate Academy. This exclusive program is a full day overview of every step you’ll need to take in order to launch a successful bid for public office. This part of the event coincides perfectly with YAL’s Operation Win at the Door initiative and is definitely worth your time if you plan on running for office within the next 6 years.

What are your options for attending events like this in the future? There is still 4 more YALCON’s in 2019, including stops in Memphis, Silicon Valley, Austin, and Detroit. Believe it or not, there are even more libertarian conventions. Other options include Students for Liberty’s event known as LibertyCon which will be held in Washington DC in April 2020 and the Ayn Rand Institute’s OCON 2019 which will be in Cleveland, Ohio in June this year.

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