Meet the 2020 Libertarian Candidates

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As the 2020 presidential election approaches, there is much talk about the boisterous and ever-growing democratic field. However, the 3rd largest American political party, the Libertarian Party, also has a primary ahead of them.

In 2016, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson was able to garner small doses of media attention. However, the 2020 libertarian candidates seem rather unknown. Information on the candidates is limited, but outlets like Chris Spangle’s “We Are Libertarians Network” have done their best through their presidential candidate and debate series hosted by Hodey Johns.

Note that this is not a conclusive list of all candidates. Rather this is a short description of the most prominent figures who have announced their campaigns.

Meet the Candidates

Adam Kokesh is an Iraq war veteran who authored the book “FREEDOM”. He used to host the show “ADAM VS THE MAN” on RT America. Kokesh also creates videos for the sites Steemit and Youtube (where he has nearly 250,000 followers). Adam Adam Kokesh, formerly Corporal Kokesh in the Marines, is also the founder and leader of the Iraq Veterans Against the War movement. He has been arrested and in trouble with the Uniform Military Code of Justice several times for wearing his uniform during anti-war demonstrations.

Kokesh, as an outspoken anarchist, made his platform simple. Once in office, he plans to sign an executive order to dissolve the government in what he describes as a “peaceful manner.”

Besides being an activist, Arvin Vohra is a business owner and former Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party. Arvin is a steep critic of the moderates in the Libertarian Party. His aim is to ensure that the message of a free society is not hindered by a watered down message.

Vohra is passionate about getting the government out of education, abolishing the federal income tax, and implementing a non-interventionist foreign policy.

John McAfee is a technology entrepreneur and former 2016 libertarian candidate for President of the United States. People Known McAfee for his eccentric personality and affinity for personal freedom and privacy.

His platform claims that talking about policy is pointless due to our lack of power over an unwieldy government. John first claims that American’s must free themselves before doing anything else.

Kim Ruff has been a registered libertarian since 2005. She has party experience in the LP of Arizona and the LP of New York. Beyond state politics, Ruff has also worked directly with the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus.

Kim’s goals are to reduce executive power, end the federal reserve, and pull the US out of foreign conflicts. She also aims to pardon nonviolent criminals and return all government power to the states.

Ben Leder sees himself as being born into the libertarian movement. Ben says he has always been one to tell truth to power, resisting any form of authority since he was a child. Leder boosted his presence within the LP after the 2016 election, maintaining that the Libertarian Party must move forward in a different direction.

Leder lists his main goals as ending the federal reserve along with the hidden tax of inflation. He also wants to fix the country’s funding mechanism through taxes.

Dan “Taxation is Theft” Behrman is not a politician, and he wants others to know that. Behrman makes it clear that he wants the government to work for the people, allowing individuals to live as they see fit as long as they don’t hurt other people, or take their stuff.

Behrman believes that the three largest issues facing Americans today are taxes, national debt and our general loss of freedom.

Christopher Marks, a proud family man, is a relatively new member of the Libertarian Party. Marks’ journey to the LP is unique. His dissatisfaction with government stems from his experience in the broken family law process paying child support payments.

Marks lists his largest priorities as breaking the two-party system, ending the “corporate government”, as well as reforming our monetary policy.

William Hurst is an Army National Guard veteran. He is a self-proclaimed patriot who prides himself on his well-rounded types of life experiences. Hurst also describes himself as “between Republican and Democrat ideas,” but focusing on civil freedoms.

His platform, outlined on his website, includes detailed positions pertaining to national security, the climate, and governing strategy, which he labels “politics.”

What Does the Future Hold?

We really have no idea what the Libertarian Party candidates will look like going into the future. In a third party, like the LP, change can occur quickly. Zoltan Istvan has already dropped out of the race and with murmurs of Justin Amash running, this campaign has the potential to become very competitive.

However, still with so much time before the 2020 election, we can only sit back and observe our current choices. Hopefully, soon we will see who is the best candidate to represent the Libertarian Party on a national stage.

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