Vermin Supreme: A Presidential Candidate for the People

Kevin Damato | @KevinCDamato

Vermin Supreme is a political icon, author and 2020 libertarian candidate for President of the United States. Ever since 1987, Vermin has dedicated much of his life running for various local, state or national political offices.

Mr. Supreme is truly a grassroots candidate for the everyday American. Vermin, unlike many of his opponents, spends nearly all of his time traveling around the country to meet with his future constituents. Monetary support comes entirely from his dedicated supporters who have stood by Vermin for years.

The Massachusetts native is unique due to his colorful past of political party registrations. Vermin Supreme is the only candidate for President in 2020 who has at one point been registered as an Independent, Republican, Democrat and Libertarian. This record demonstrates Vermin’s obvious bipartisan appeal, which may be powerful enough to launch him into the Oval Office.

The Important Stuff

Now that we’ve got the biography out of the way we can start to focus on substance behind the Supreme 2020 campaign. Everyone knows that the most important part of a Presidential Candidate is their fashion, a concept that Vermin has mastered.

Whether you examine his uncouth beard, 100 neck ties or his signature boot which he proudly wears upon his head, it is clear that Vermin Supreme knows how to dress with sophistication and grace.

The Slightly Less Important Stuff

In the dark days that we live in, the corrupt news establishment pressures candidates to lay out less interesting “platform positions” with a goal of “fixing our problems.” Fortunately, Vermin has spent countless hours in his lab, creating the most perfect platform known to all of mankind. This platform includes but is not limited to…

  • Free Ponies for all Americans
  • Mandatory Tooth Brushing Laws
  • Zombie Apocalypse Awareness
  • Time Travel Research

The Unimportant Stuff

Often Vermin’s precious time is wasted by nagging reporters asking stupid questions such as “how do you plan on winning?”, “what about all the issues the country faces?”, and “don’t you think that your campaign undermines the importance of our electoral process?” All of these questions don’t really matter, but instead are part a political trap designed to take down the candidate who truly has all the answers.

Vermin Supreme is the future of the United States, paving the way for more prosperous tomorrow. To help Vermin save out country, donate to him at

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