Harvard Rescinds Admission from Kyle Kashuv

Ryan Lau | @RyanLau71R

Harvard University has decided to pull the plug on admission for Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv. An advocate for gun rights since the attack, he has become a foil of sorts to the Florida school’s gun control supporters, such as David Hogg (whom Harvard also admitted).

The university claimed that they took this action due to controversial statements that Kashuv made two years ago. These occurred several months before the Parkland school shooting, Kashuv noted. He believes that the school’s action shows that they do not believe he is capable of changing after two life-altering years.

After hearing about Kashuv’s brash language, Harvard gave him three days to email an explanation letter. Upon doing so, he heard back shortly after in two different ways. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion responded positively, thanking him for his statement and looking forward to hearing from him upon his matriculation. But around the same time, the admissions office rejected his apology and his admission alike.

kyle kashuv harvard apology
Kyle Kashuv’s Harvard apology

Kashuv then requested an in-person meeting with the admissions board to further explain himself. However, they told him that all decisions were final, in spite of his repeated moves towards reconciliation. Kashuv took to Twitter to document the interactions between himself and the university.

Kyle Kashuv vs David Hogg

Some Twitter users have pointed out a discrepancy to the way Harvard has treated Kashuv and Hogg. Kashuv received a 1550 on his SAT, whereas Hogg scored a mere 1270. As a result, the university has faced some backlash for purportedly being biased toward Hogg because of his political ideology.

Though Hogg has not faced a scandal like this, he has made some statements that have received negative attention. While in Canada, he urged Canadian citizens to donate to United States election campaigns. Political pundits were quick to point out that this is an illegal act that could result in foreign influence in elections.

Harvard has not taken any public action condemning Hogg. Their rescinding of Kashuv’s admission on June 3rd was private, but the activist publicly announced it Monday on Twitter.

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