Dan Crenshaw: The Future of Conservatism

Jack Parkos | @laissez_faire76

President Donald Trump has been described by many Republicans as the best leader since Reagan. Trump has lead a strong movement since he announced his campaign in 2016. He is building a strong race into the 2020 election. But what about after the 2020 election? What happens in 2024 or even further in the future? Who will be the next leader of the GOP? What is the future of the conservative movement? The answer may be staring us in the face: Dan Crenshaw.

If you’re are conservative, you know who he is. In fact, if you pay any attention to politics, you probably know who he is.

Dan Crenshaw served in the Navy SEALs for ten years, with five tours before running for The House of Representatives in 2018. He survived an IED blast that caused him to lose his eye. Crenshaw then decided to run for congress after retiring from the Navy. The former SEAL has only been in Congress for less than a year. However, he has already made a huge impact on politics and the GOP.

Crenshaw’s Social Media

With 867,000 Instagram followers, he has shown to have the ability to use social media to his advantage. Crenshaw will explain his reasoning behind the votes he makes in posts on social media. Not many members of Congress have a good level of transparency, but Crenshaw is an exception.

Furthermore, he has created a segment of videos called “Here is the truth” in which he explains the truth behind various issues and current events. These posts are well received by many youth conservatives on social media. People are looking up to him as a strong conservative figure. This has given him plenty of attention amongst conservatives. Moreover, Crenshaw is a key figure in the culture war. Crenshaw speaks of many cultural issues, such as patriotism, as well as policy issues.


Even before he assumed office, Crenshaw was a popular figure amongst conservatives and the GOP. He is a big figure and speaker with Turning Point USA, a youth conservative organization. Furthermore, Crenshaw spoke at the 2018 Student Action Summit, even before he had assumed office!

Crenshaw has spoken at various other events for TPUSA and has seen great success at them. He has spoken with many big figures in the conservative movement. Crenshaw has even received support from Ben Shapiro, arguably the most famous conservative figure and host of the fastest-growing conservative podcast in the nation, which Crenshaw has been a guest on. Plenty of his speeches and videos have been shared across political spheres online.

Crenshaw’s Future

Dan Crenshaw has been described as a rising star by many Republicans which began after being viciously insulted by SNL. After forgiving SNL, he gained mainstream media attention. Since then he has only risen in popularity.

It’s clear as to why he is rising. Dan Crenshaw is an honest and open politician. He explains his viewpoints and his votes articulately and with honesty. Not many congresspeople are as open about their reasoning behind their votes. But Crenshaw is transparent about what he does. The American people want more of this. Crenshaw has done a great job with youth outreach; people enjoy watching his videos where he discusses controversial topics.

He defends American values as listed in the Declaration of Independence. He supports individual liberty, limited government, and local control. On top of that, he puts a big emphasis on the need for mental toughness and personal responsibility. He embodies conservative values and portrays it with excellence.

Dan Crenshaw is the future of the GOP. He is one of the most popular figures in conservatism right now, and frankly, it’s easy to see why. Crenshaw defends conservatism well and has great ambitions for the country that he loves. He is a strong figure on the conservative side of the culture war and is fighting it well.

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