Democrats Desperate to Keep Freitas Off Virginia Ballots

By Spencer Neale | @Spencer Kellogg

The despotic blue electorate of Virginia is grinning from ear to ear this week.

After a heated back and forth that lasted throughout much of the summer, it appears that incumbent House of Delegates Rep. Nick Freitas will not feature on the 30th District ballots of Virginia this November. A report in this week’s Washington Post suggests that Democrat-appointed state officials have denied a request to put the two-time Virginia delegate on the ballot.

Officials allege his campaign missed a critical filing deadline but Bruce Kay, the chairman of the 30th District’s GOP, says it’s the fault of election officials who sent the paperwork to an outdated email. The process has been mired in legalese ever since, with Freitas hoping to restore his name to the ballot by withdrawing his candidacy and refiling through an arcane rule that would allow the district’s governing body to select a candidate after normal filing deadlines have passed.

That move did not work.

The decision to keep Freitas, a two-term Delegate who has easily defeated Democrat challengers, off the ballot speaks volumes to the inherent biases held by the ruling body in Richmond. They approved similar ballot requests from Democrat candidates earlier in the week.

Anyone who has followed Freitas during his time as a Delegate will understand exactly why he is being so fiercely denied the opportunity to represent Culpeper and the surrounding areas for a third term: namely, he’s an unabashed libertarian who speaks eloquently on gun rights, abortion, and state overspending.

He has been a persistent thorn in the side of Democrats who wish to impose totalitarian gun bans on the citizens of Virginia. He has also spoken vigilantly against the insane advancements of late-term abortion bills authored by Democratic representatives and supported by Governor Ralph Northam. Every time Virginia Democrats have tried to surreptitiously move Virginia to the far left against the wishes of its constituents, Freitas has been ready to rally the votes needed to turn them back.

Removing Freitas from the General Assembly would arguably be the magic key that could push forward terrifying legislation at breakneck speed.

Freitas shot back with a terse video to supporters promising to launch a write-in campaign if state officials do not allow him to run as a Republican.

For Virginia Democrats, this is some of the best news they have received all year. For those conservatives worried about where the state is headed after last year’s contentious General Assembly, this is a worrying sign that Virginia may turn blue in November.

Many Virginias were shocked when they read about the late-term abortion bills that Democrat Kathy Tran authored during last winter’s legislative session. It was met with fierce condemnation by Freitas who spoke passionately in front of thousands at a pro-life march on the steps of the capitol. His honest and timely pro-gun speech on the floors of the Assembly in 2017 went viral and amassed millions of views from second amendment activists around the country.

Freitas strikes fear into the hearts of blue dog Virginia Democrats and that is why they are doing everything in their power to keep him off the ballot. Their arguments about playing by the rules are thinly veiled and accusatory of an archaic system that does not honestly represent the will of the people.

The people of the 30th District overwhelmingly support Freitas. Many have him pegged for a Senatorial or Gubernatorial run in the coming years. Freitas is one of the most respected and well-liked politicians situated on the new libertarian right in the entire country and it is an outright shame that busybody bureaucrats are doing whatever they can to promote his Democratic challenger Anne Ridgeway.

On August 6th, Freitas will have one last gasp opportunity to get his name on the ballot as a Republican. If he is unsuccessful, he has vowed to launch a write-in campaign for the seat. In some ways, Freitas running a write-in campaign could prove to be one of the more interesting moments in Virginia political history.

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