Bipartisan Plot to Murder Jeffrey Epstein Finally Succeeds

James Sweet III | @jsweetIII

Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy financier accused of engaging in child sex trafficking, is dead. According to the corporate press, Epstein hung himself in his prison cell, which would make his death a suicide. While unlikely, who is there to dispute it? After all, this is probably the most notable instance under the Trump administration of individuals on both sides of the aisle working together for a common end-result. President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton both had substantial connections to Jeffrey Epstein, which one can expect as the wealthy are all friends. However, when Clinton has multiple trips on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” and Trump owns property where Epstein engaged in recruitment, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that something dark is happening.

Who Benefits From Epstein’s Death?

Jeffrey Epstein’s tragic death gives security to many high profile individuals. Men like former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, former Senator George Mitchell, and British Prince Andrew were named in unsealed court documents on Friday. These same court documents also involve Trump’s infamous Mar-a-Lago. Virginia Giuffre, an accuser of Epstein’s, said that many more people were implicated, including a British Prime Minister. However, she cannot recall everyone’s names. What is important to note is that both Democrats and Republicans have connections to Jeffrey Epstein.

Social media pundits like to believe that Epstein had connections to either Republicans or Democrats; they cannot fathom the idea that Epstein had connections to VIPs in both parties. Carmine Sabia, a conservative social media personality with 41.5K followers on Twitter, believes that Trump and Epstein “barely had connections.”

Twitter user @cwyyell is also under the impression that only Donald Trump and Bill Barr wanted Jeffrey Epstein to stay quiet.

Both sides are politicizing an issue that isn’t political at all. The elitists accused of working with Epstein are deflecting the issue towards the general American populace. Instead of the proper us (the American people) versus them (the pedophilic elite) mentality, it is, once again, an issue of Republicans versus Democrats. Pedophilia is not a trait that is politically exclusive.

In reality, this situation is very similar to the mass shootings that the nation just witnessed a few days ago. Hyper-partisan individuals sit and wait to hear about the political ideology and party affiliation of those involved in the hopes that the perpetrator was of the opposite ideology and party. While this all happens, the political elites that perpetrated these crimes laugh together as they divide the population with their political labels.

Epstein: Murdered, or a Convenient Suicide?

As soon as the news broke about Epstein’s alleged suicide, social media burst into flames. Jeffrey Epstein became the top trend on Twitter, and terms related to his case were in second and third place. Everyone was asking one question: what allowed this to happen? A popular and more likely theory is that Epstein was murdered.

Carol Leonnig, a Washington Post reporter and MSNBC contributor, tweeted that Epstein told authorities that his first alleged suicide attempt wasn’t an actual suicide attempt; rather, he said someone tried to murder him.

Epstein was removed from suicide watch just a few days after this failed “suicide” attempt, which angered many experts and veterans of the American prison system.

@BreakingNLive, a Twitter page with 112.4K followers, reports that, due to the lack of convictions against anyone else, the criminal case is over.

The page also alleges that the CCTV cameras watching Epstein malfunctioned around the time Epstein allegedly hung himself, as well as alleging that security guards left his cell unattended around the same time.

The most bombshell and reliable allegation is the report from Carol Leonnig. If the first “suicide” attempt was, in reality, a botched attempt at murder, then it raises the possibility of his death being an actual murder versus a suicide.

Furthermore, why would Epstein try to kill himself? He reached a plea deal in 2008 that saw him virtually not punished for his actions. What would stop this from happening again if he had dirt on more important individuals?

Oh, wait, that’s right. His death would stop that.

Will We Get The Truth?

The FBI has announced that it will launch an investigation into the situation. Attorney General Bill Barr has also consulted with the Inspector General about launching an investigation. However, Bill Barr isn’t untouched by this scandal and also has a close connection to Jeffrey Epstein.

In the end, the American elite will likely walk away from this unscathed. When it comes to politicized bombshells, the American population tends to have short-term memory loss. Next week, some trivial tweet by Donald Trump will divide the nation, and Epstein will be forgotten. Instead, everyone will be hyper-fixated on getting brownie points from their respective echo-chambers on Twitter. It’s sad, but it’s likely true that Epstein’s victims will never get true justice outside of monetary compensation from a dead man’s estate.

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