Michael Baden: The Man Linking Epstein, MLK, O.J. and JFK

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Since the media broke the story that multi-millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had committed suicide before going to trial, many Americans questioned the official story. Some accused political elites of murdering him, while others believe that Epstein is still alive somewhere. The latter group cites a photo that the New York Post took of the man being wheeled into a hospital in NYC. In the photo, his nose and ear shape appear to be different than other pictures of the man. Suspicion has also arisen around the facts that the guards at his prison were on heavy overtime, that Epstein was not on suicide watch despite attempting to take his life shortly prior, and that cameras all pointed outside of his cell. Now, renowned forensic pathologist Michael Baden is involving himself in Epstein’s autopsy.

Michael Baden’s High-profile Cases

Michael Baden has long since made himself a name in the field of forensic pathology. After graduating from NYU School of Medicine with an M.D., he went on to perform over 20,000 autopsies over the course of his career. He has also held consultant positions for government agencies and spent over 45 years as a medical examiner.

Baden has investigated some of the most prominent and suspicious deaths in the last half-century. In the 1970s, he led a panel that looked back at the deaths of JFK and MLK. He ultimately stated that he did not believe the CIA played a role in the former’s death. Two decades later, the Russian government asked him to investigate the newly-discovered bodies of the Romanov family.

Since then, he has investigated deaths and taught homicide classes across every continent but Antarctica. Some of his investigations include cases involving Yankees manager Billy Martin, former football player O.J. Simpson, and the murder of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

Getting the Call Again

This time, Baden did not perform the official autopsy on Jeffrey Epstein. He did, however, observe it on behalf of Epstein’s lawyers. Michael Baden may be able to help Epstein’s family to receive additional information before it goes public.

However, the family has also hired Baden to perform his own, private autopsy on the body. A second person’s investigation often helps reassure families when the official report is riddled with allegations of wrongdoing. In such an eerie death, there will certainly be questions. A second autopsy can help answer those while confirming or dissipating theories about corruption in the official one.

Baden, one of the most famous names in the field, may bring some closure to the matter. With theories varying widely and the official cause of death “pending further information”, we may be beginning to get to the bottom of the mysterious reported suicide.

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