Pete Buttigieg Plays the Blame Game

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Pete Buttigieg wants to tackle the climate crisis by guilt-tripping Americans. We’re living in a world where we are criticized and blamed if caught using a plastic straw or eating a hamburger. We meat-eaters who appreciate a good sip from a plastic straw are part of the climate problem.

The CNN interviewer in this clip is the perfect example of someone who has fallen prey to the ‘blame game’ as she proudly and (comically) explains how she’s stopped using plastic straws for the past 6 months.

Buttigieg Installs Guilt Based on “Facts”

Pete Buttigieg claims that straw users and hamburger eaters are part of the problem affecting the climate. According to Jim Leape, the co-director of Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions, “Plastic straws are only a tiny fraction of the problem- less than 1 percent.” This is an interesting fact that not many people are aware of. So I supposed such people are, strictly speaking, a “part” of the problem, but it is a part not worth our time. We then completely alienate anyone from society when they use a straw or eat a burger when these are only a small fraction of the issue.

We have also been misled regarding how much cows are actually impacting the environment. But it’s not like Pete Buttigieg cares about the science. In an article explaining their carbon footprint, Dr. Frank Mitloehner, studied how animals and agriculture affect climate change and air quality.

Dr. Mitloehner pointed out that the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization published a study that had miscalculated the percentages of greenhouse gas emissions. To their credit, they admitted their mistakes. But it was too late, the study had already been widely publicized. When people hear the scary “facts” about such tings it is hard to correct them. People are more likely to go along with the facts that show something is worse than what is actually happening

The Confused and Ignorant

When politicians like Pete Buttigieg and celebrities create a societal panic by using the blame game, all scientifically based risk assessment disappears. For instance, corporations like Starbucks implement completely misguided policies eliminating plastic straws. By removing plastic straws, they assumed they would help solve the oceans problems—so they created their new plastic lids.

Turns out that their new lids contain more plastic than the previously used straws! Confusion and ignorance stem from the misinterpretations of what people in authority tell us. A tiny “part” of the problem becomes a major part, and all sorts of unintended consequences occur. We add to the problem while trying to fix the problem.

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