Andrew Yang to Make History at the Next Democratic Debate

Peyton Gouzien | @pgouzien

Reporter Sam Stein claims on Twitter to have had a phone conversation with presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s campaign manager. Stein claims that the manager told him “Yang will be doing something no presidential candidate has ever done before in history.” Neither Stein nor the Yang campaign have given further details. The tweet has left many in awe of Yang’s plans for tomorrow’s debate. Andrew Yang will be on stage with nine other candidates also competing for the limelight.

What Could Andrew Yang’s Plan Be?

Stein claimed Yang’s manager “declined to go further” in reference to his comments. Yang has already distinguished himself from other candidates with his Universal Basic Income policy. Similar to President Trump, he has never held public office and is an entrepreneur. Both candidates have utilized the Internet and “meme” culture to advertise their policies.

Yang could be planning any number of stunts to differentiate him from the Democratic field. Following the past two debates, his polling numbers increased. He also saw a wave of support after controversy in the first debate over his mic cutting out; suspicion arose that the Democratic establishment may have tampered with it. Yang hopes to replicate rival fringe candidate Tulsi Gabbard’s success. After strong debate performances, she was the most searched candidate in many states.

Whatever the Andrew Yang campaign plans for the third debate, he is sure to draw attention to himself. This is one of his final chances to distinguish himself from the other nine candidates. The Yang campaign has not shied away from the spotlight in the past. The candidate has made bold proposals with a unique style. His manager’s statements to Stein only increase anticipation for what’s to come in tomorrow’s debate.

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