President Mike Pence? Liberals Have Lost Their Minds

Spencer Kellogg Neale | @Spencer_Kellogg

Nevermind how it came to this, here we are: President Mike Pence. The words cut through the mouth like sawdust or jagged glass.

That Mike Pence

Trump derangement syndrome has officially reached its explosive zenith—many liberals are now clamoring for Mike Pence, one of the most socially conservative and rigidly religious men in America, to hold our highest office.

This is the same Mike Pence, who as governor of Indiana signed one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country. It’s the same Mike Pence who made it legal for Indiana businesses to discriminate against LGBT+ customers on the shaky grounds of ‘religious freedom’. That Mike Pence would be forced to amend the legislation only a week later after a nationwide backlash threatened the economic security of the state.

This is also the Mike Pence who oversaw the draconian and brutal enforcement of mandatory minimum sentencing for non-violent drug offenders in Indiana.

By definition, Pence is a militant Christian fundamentalist whose potential rule over America, if only for one miserable year, would be an order of magnitude worse than Trump’s narcissistic rage. His rule over Indiana, and to a greater degree, by proxy, the United States, is colored by a crusade that seeks to divide and conquer the roaving, unwashed masses of junkies and pimps that litter our land. His is a vision of our country, our people, and the future of the nation so concretely out-of-step with the ever-changing demographics that it’s difficult to understand he could ever ascend to such power.

For men like Pence, protecting the corporate state and its monied interests is always the top priority.

Blind Impeachment Rage

And yet, here we are. Many liberals are in a complete death spiral, hopeless to deal Trump the decisive blow they could not muster at the ballot box. Even though so many of the things they fear of Trump could actually materialize under a Pence administration, they are so resolute in their righteous cause, and so blinded by the same type of rage they accuse the president of wielding, that they would stomach an entire year of the prairie-home Christian authoritarian over the egomania of a celebrity sociopath.

Make no doubt about it: Pence’s administration would be cold, stern, and rigid. Its dimensions would be born of corporate steel and Christian brutality. The idea of it is orders of magnitude worse than anything we’ve seen under Trump. But it’s the exact reality that all too many Democrats are hoping to achieve.

Trump Is Not That Bad

What have we seen under Trump? Though the media drones on about his hateful Twitter rhetoric and subpar political bona fides, Trump has spent much of his time in office attempting to deliver on the one big problem that our presidents have skirted for decades: China. China is the greatest existential, technological, and military threat the U.S. has had to deal with since the Cold War. Though we keep hearing about Russia and Ukraine, the real threat to American stability lies in the cities of Shanghai and Beijing.

There is an ambitious honesty behind the man that Trump is. While Pence would likely attempt to sneak-in socially dogmatic legislation through vague language and then apologize it away as a mistake when someone catches him, Trump is the type to tell Americans explicitly where he aims to go and how he will get there.

For all of his bluster and bullying, Donald Trump really isn’t that bad. He definitely isn’t as terrifying a prospect as Pence. Sure, Trump is a bombastic clown and his decorum is unbecoming of the office. He’s also not a midwestern social conservative bent on implementing Christian-inspired governance with an iron fist onto 350 million Americans. Trump’s record has proven him flexible on criminal justice and a net positive for the job-seekers of this nation.

He has shown restraint in his military dealings and attempted, against the best-laid plans of the military-industrial complex, to pull our troops out of never-ending wars. On the big stages too, such as the UN last week, he has been tempered and reasonable in ways that contradict his often-undeserved reputation.

Donald Trump has comedic timing too. It may not be your brand of comedic timing, but he rarely misses a punchline or the end of an improvised stanza before his fever-pitched crowds. Behind the scowls and sweat-coated forehead lies a man who cooly walked onto every late-night show in this country to rapturous applauses only years before becoming the most despised man of the century. His messaging, his demeanor, and his determined assurance of his mission in the face of unrelenting criticism is proof that he is unlike any American politician we’ve seen before.

To hate him so fully and with such rage is not a symptom of his presidency as it is intolerance in the political makeup of this country. If the people calling for impeachment now were honest, they would recognize that Mike Pence was always the worst part of the Trump presidency. He certainly isn’t the guy you hand over the reins of the free world to when you’re mad that you can’t deliver against Trump. Pence is the guy that Trump made a Faustian bargain with to win 20 percentage points in those highly-coveted rural parts of America that understood Trump’s populist politics but didn’t trust his New York values.

Pence has always been the key figure in Trump’s administration that should stand shoulders above the rest as problematic and terrifying to the core foundational promises of the American experiment.

If the Democrats want to win back the heart and soul of this country, they should focus on running a candidate who has the mental, physical, and political chops to lead our country in a bold new way. Barack Obama and Trump won for the very same reason; Americans were anxious about the way forward and looked for someone who can drive in the right direction.

The impeachment nonsense is a deliberate attempt to unjustly gain power back from a president who this country elected. In his place, they wish to empower one of the most dangerous politicians in the nation. This time, the president won’t rule with a cellphone; he’ll rule with the paternalistic eye of a totalitarian religious state.

President Mike Pence? Liberals have officially gone crazy.

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