Biden Wants to Murder Speech Rights to Stop Ghost Guns

Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

Sleepy Joe Biden is coming for your guns. And this time, it’s not the typical “I’ll buy back your rifles and steal what you don’t turn over.” He’s going a step further, moving the Democrats in the direction of a new woke form of gun control: he’s coming after 3D-printable ghost gun code. This, however, is merely a pipe dream that would trample on the first, fourth, and second amendments of the Constitution.

Biden’s Pipe Dream

Joe Biden wants to make gun manufacturers more legally liable for mass-shootings. Across the board, he wants to reduce American access to firearms. One of the ways that he wants to do this is targeting the infamous 3D-printed ghost guns:

Politicians have attempted stunts like this before. H.R. 7115 attempted to completely outlaw 3D-printed ghost guns. However, such legislation is ultimately futile. As I have written in the past, such attempts at regulation are futile. The concept of the ghost gun exists so as to completely circumvent government regulation. It exists so it can enshrine the right to keep and bear arms under the right to free speech.

Without a full shut down of Defense Distributed, the production/sale of milling machines, the production/sale of 3D printers, or the internet itself, 3D printable firearms will continue to exist. They were designed specifically to circumvent regulations like H.R. 7115. The gun lovers who hold 3D printable weapons near and dear to their hearts have nothing to fear because the government cannot do a thing to take these weapons away.

The Ghost Gun Hunt: What Does it Entail?

Let’s say Biden does get elected. How is he going to force ghost gun owners to register their elusive weapons? It would require a few steps. Namely, to attain this desired end, it would require the desecration of first, the Fourth Amendment, and second, the First Amendment.

To force those who possess computer code for 3D-printable firearms to register and undergo a background check, the state must first determine who has that information. Individuals who possess such files aren’t going to willingly disclose it to the state. Therefore, to track down these people would require surveillance of private hard drives, USB sticks, and any other form of computer information storage. Effectively doing this would require a burgeoning surveillance state making 1984 look like child’s play.

After implementing this dystopian nightmare, the government can effectively know whether or not someone possesses this code. But what then? The code is speech. It’s merely information. Sure, it details how to create part of a weapon using a milling machine. Yet, it’s speech nonetheless. Regulation of this means that the government now regulates who can and can’t hold such information. Through the lens of the First Amendment, this notion is absurd. The right to keep and hold information is crucial to the right to free speech. If Biden wants to go after it, it’s his funeral.

And this is the beauty of ghost guns. The right to bear arms is now protected by not only the Second Amendment but now the First and Fourth as well. For the state to eliminate guns, they have to burn the Bill of Rights. Of course, this has always been a possibility, but even considering the docile nature of the American public, this would probably lead to the ultimate American dumpster fire.

I mean, if you want to jump-start the boogaloo Biden, by all means, go ahead and try to take the guns. But don’t expect it to be an easy fight. Firearms are deeply engrained in American culture, and ghost guns are nearly impossible to take out of the real world. Biden’s dream of eliminating 3D printable firearms from political reality is exactly that: a dream.

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