Nick Fuentes Kicked Out of Charlie Kirk Event by Police

Jack Parkos | @laissez_faire76

Charlie Kirk, who was recently the source of controversy when he denied the USS Liberty Incident, has yet again made waves at this year’s Politicon. Nick Fuentes, the host of podcast America First, had attended this year’s Politicon and wanted to go see Charlie Kirk’s event. Yet, instead of joining in on political discourse with TPUSA members, he was met with police.

Police Interaction

Nick Fuentes posted a video on his twitter of his interaction with the cops. Throughout the video, he revealed several things about his exclusion from the event. It was clear from the police that Kirk specifically singled out Nick Fuentes, banning him from the event. This is because they feared that he would somehow “disrupt” the event. However, they never explained how his presence would be disruptive.

Speculation suggests that they feared he would ask a question, likely regarding Kirk’s recent comments on the USS Liberty Incident. However, Nick stated that he had no intention of asking a question. These speculations are made only more valid by the fact that Charlie Kirk canceled the Q&A at the last minute after the encounter.

Kirk’s Hypocrisy

Ironically, as Nick Fuentes was being told he could not enter the event, Charlie Kirk was giving a speech on the importance of free speech. Kirk called it “concerning” that the speech police were cracking down on people for claiming America is the greatest country on earth. Meanwhile, he banned a man with a podcast called “America First” from entering his event.

When young conservatives are silenced or barred from entering an event, TPUSA and Charlie Kirk are the first to rightfully call it out. When cops are used to shut down conservative events or ban speakers, people will hear about it from TPUSA.

Moreover, Kirk has let Stalinists and many radicals into his events. What is so dangerous about Nick Fuentes? Charlie Kirk is good at debating and defending capitalism, but it seems that he is freighted by the mere thought of a challenge to his foreign policy.

Though he has received heavy criticism on social media, Charlie Kirk has yet to acknowledge this.

Neither Fuentes nor Kirk immediately responded to a request for comment.

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