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The Remarkable Voyage of Officer De Long and the Jeannette

The exploratory voyage of Officer De Long made countless discoveries about the Arctic Ocean and helped to advance our knowledge of this region.

Silk Road: Double Life and Forty Years For a Website

Violent criminals such as rapists, murderers, and pedophiles get much lighter sentences than someone who ran a website with no victims involved.

First Amendment

The American First Amendment: A Poem

A creative poem by 71 Republic's Nate Galt describing the true nature of free speech in our country.

The Winter War

A brief history of a forgotten war on the outskirts of the Arctic.

border wall without a mexican

The Day Without A Mexican

A poem regarding the clear downfalls of President Trump's border wall and immigration ideas, and the benefits of Mexican immigration.

Joseph Stalin Was Undeniably Tyrannical and Evil

Joseph Stalin is held by some as a benevolent man. In reality, Stalin was a ruthless dictator who disregarded the rights of his own citizens.

The Libertarian Case for a Minimum Wage Hike

Increasing the minimum wage would relieve some of the burden on American taxpayers by ending the need for welfare via the government

Mike Michael Waltz Florida Beach

Michael Waltz Bests Soderberg in House Race

Michael Waltz has pulled off a relatively strong victory against Nancy Soderberg in Florida for the 6th Congressional District.

Does the Two Party System Make Any Sense?

The two-party system leaves voters with few options, as although the Democrat and Republican Parties seem to differ, Authoritarianism is at their core.

Wealth Creates More Privilege than Race

Wealth is a greater determinant of future opportunity, not the progressive ideal of gender or race-based privilege.