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The Libertarian Case for a Minimum Wage Hike

Increasing the minimum wage would relieve some of the burden on American taxpayers by ending the need for welfare via the government

Mike Michael Waltz Florida Beach

Michael Waltz Bests Soderberg in House Race

Michael Waltz has pulled off a relatively strong victory against Nancy Soderberg in Florida for the 6th Congressional District.

Does the Two Party System Make Any Sense?

The two-party system leaves voters with few options, as although the Democrat and Republican Parties seem to differ, Authoritarianism is at their core.

Wealth Creates More Privilege than Race

Wealth is a greater determinant of future opportunity, not the progressive ideal of gender or race-based privilege.

Minarchy and the Defense of Society

Those that advocate for the abolition of the state fail to realize how essential the system is in defending the rights of those in society.

Timothy McVeigh bombs Murrah building

Libertarians Must Reject Violent Figures Like McVeigh

In order to be pure and consistent, members of the liberty movement must reject violent self-proclaimed freedom fighters like Timothy McVeigh.

Government Should be Contained to Minarchy

Washington has no right to take any of these away and has no business declaring a certain few of them obsolete or suspendable.