Bobbi Hicks for Arkansas State Senate: A Profile in Liberty

Bobbi Hicks of Arkansas is running for State Senate as a Libertarian. 71 Republic's Jason Thompson exclusively interviewed her about her campaign, policies, and beliefs about liberty.

Islamic State Attacks French Supermarket, Showing A Failure For Gun Control

This attack is a prime example of how mass murdering psychopaths will obtain firearms regardless of the laws.

Binance Suspended From Japan, Makes Plans For Malta Move And Fiat Exchange

Binance has been suspended from Japan, but seeks new beginnings in other places.

BREAKING: President Trump Signs Budget

President Trump has signed the budget, preventing a shutdown.

The Frontier Isn’t Gone, It Just Isn’t Where We Thought

Reflecting On The Loss Of Unsettled Territory

Socialism Fails Due to the Lack of Economic Calculation

Mises proved that socialism wouldn't work because It cannot distinguish more or less valuable uses of resources.

I Bought 12 Million ExGirlFriend Coins Because I Have An Ex-Girlfriend

Breaking Up Is Easy When You Have EXGF Coin.

Shutdown Looming as President Trump Threatens to Veto Budget

President Donald Trump tweeted on Friday morning that he is considering vetoing the spending bill that has just passed the Senate.

Stephen Paddock’s Hotel Footage Released

Hotel footage of Stephen Paddock's days leading up to the shooting has been released.

Youtube Gun Vlogger Turns To Pornhub After Firearms Policy Update

The Free Market Takes & The Free Market Gives Back