Las Vegas Shooting: Unexplained Motive

Benjamin Olsen | United States

Yesterday the FBI closed its investigation on the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas. The FBI stated that no motive could be found. The shooter (who I refuse to name) kept his life private. The FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit could not come up with any particular motive. His gunning down of 58 people appears to have no religious motivations nor political motivations. No manifesto or note was left behind either. Therefore, it seems that the deadliest mass shooting in US history, that inspired a federal ban on bump stocks, was a senseless act of violence with no apparent motive.

Making Sense of the Las Vegas Shooting

The potential for conspiracy theories to spring up is now at its highest. Human beings strive to rationalize and the lack of rationale for such a horrific event leads us to fill in the blanks with answers of our own making. The most common ones that will spring out is that the US government ordered the Las Vegas shooting in order to further its own agenda; pushing for gun control. This is especially appealing due to the recent legislation banning bump-stocks which the shooter did apply to his semi-automatic rifles

However, I beseech each and every one of you to not give in to the wild theories. Sometimes in our society, the things that scare us the most are the things we cannot explain. Therefore, we fill in the gaps ourselves. The lack of a motive is the very thing that we fear the most. And fear leads to irrational decisions. This man had no motive. This man also had no previous mental issues that would prohibit his purchase of the firearms that he used.

The Political Implications

This very shooting, if exploited to be political fodder, leads directly to the pro-gun argument. No law would have stopped the Las Vegas shooting. No ban on bump stocks, no prohibition on those with mental disorders, nothing of the sort. This act whether legislated against or not would still have happened. Humankind is capable of disgusting acts. Moreover, we simply cannot legislate against those that seek to take human life. Take away guns, and they will use knives, take away knives and they will use cars, take away cars and they will use fertilizer. If one is determined to take their fellow humans’ lives, they will do so by whatever means they can. 

This episode in American history is tragic. We have no explanation for why a man would take 58 lives so heinously. Alas, we also have no recourse to prevent someone from doing this again.

Hold Steady

Do not give into the agenda of the fear-mongering politicians. Do not give into the outlandish theories surrounding the shooting in Las Vegas either. Keep your wits about you and focus on the goal. The goal is leading lives of peace, prosperity, as well as liberty. So, follow the advice of my previous article and hold on to your bump stocks. Hold on to your guns. We are witnessing a dangerous time in human history and our natural rights provide us with a means to protect against the dangers of the world.

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