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The Consequences of States Defining Nations

When States define nations and collect statistics about people within them, they are only creating more tools to divide those who are equal.

Two Practical Tips For Every Libertarian

These two basic practices will change the entire intellectual lifestyle of a libertarian in a positive way.

The Social Security Ponzi Will Fail Sooner Than You May Think

The more we put between ourselves and those in need, such as through government programs, other people, etc. the less we are concerned with those in need.

James Baldwin and American Slavery: The Effects and Repercussions

James Baldwin and his written works played a critical role on beginning to reshape American culture after slavery's repercussions had gripped America.

Cronyism, not the Free Market, Causes Unfair Wealth Distribution

Agreements between government and large corporations ultimately make those companies artificially rich.

Slavery, Thomas Jefferson, and Frederick Douglass the Libertarian

Frederick Douglass and Thomas Jefferson played distinct roles in the fight to abolish slavery.

Income Inequality is Real, and That is a Good Thing

Income inequality is a necessary part of any economy.

Part IV- Humans and Animals: Possible Solutions and Justice

This is part IV in a short series of humans using animals for consumption.

Part III- Humans and Animals: Big Game Hunting

This is part III in a short series on humans using animals for consumption, talking about the morality and ethics of big game hunting.

Part II- Humans and Animals: Defining Justice

This is part II in a short series on humans using animals for consumption.