U.S. Israel diplomatic meeting

What Cutting Foreign Aid Could Do for America

The United States, with its foreign aid budget alone, could feed every homeless person in America and power millions of homes with the wind.

Shore of Somalia

Why Don’t You Just Move to Somalia?

A move to Somalia would not be that bad for someone in a neighboring country, as the stateless society develops faster than its neighbors.

Cody Wilson

Cody Wilson Charged with Sexual Assault of Child

Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson has been accused of paying a minor for sexual activity, but is not in the country to face the allegations.

Political Extremism: Kavanaugh Accusations

Fritz Stephey reflects on his initial, perhaps flawed reaction to the allegations of sexual assault faced by SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Larry Sharpe

New Yorkers can Fight Corruption by Voting Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe for Governor provides a way out for New Yorkers who wish to end corruption in their state government.

The Supreme Court building

The Supreme Court Poses a Threat to Natural Rights

When the Supreme Court is run by a textualist bench, rather than an originalist one, the natural rights of American people fall under attack.

Enlightened forest

No, You Can’t Think Outside of the Box

Based on humanity's inherent tendency to conceptualize nature into common terms for communication, it is impossible to think outside of the box.

President Trump, We Can’t Just “Print More Money”

Printing our way out of a massive debt is not only economically infeasible, but will worsen the ongoing crisis and thrust the economy into a recession.

Kavanaugh family and Trump

Quick Thoughts on the Kavanaugh Allegations

The Brett Kavanaugh allegations are most likely at least partially true, but the timing and release suggests a desire to play party politics.

Cannabis Cola: Coke Interested in CBD-infused Product

Soft drink maker eyes the marijuana market