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The Trump and Clemson Hamburger Party Is a Non-issue

While serious issues grip our nation, media has taken an undeserved vacation to write on the semantics of the Clemson Hamburger Party.

Extraterrestrial Life is More Likely Than You Think

The probability of Earth being the only planet inhabited by lifeforms is very low as the universe has barely been explored by our civilizations.

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CT Gov. Ned Lamont Had a Brilliant Plan, but He Killed It

Ned Lamont is teaming up with Webster Bank to aid federal employees during the shutdown, but is the government side holding back the plan's success?

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Some Thoughts on the True Importance of Grades

The true measure of a well-rounded education is below 4.0, as many students with mediocre grades but creative minds are quite successful.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is My Kind Of Democrat

By Spencer Kellogg | @Spencer_Kellogg She's not rich. That's the worst they have on her. She's a free woman who doesn't think as they do. That's what scares them the most. She was born of a distinctively new world. She is fierce, full of fire and appears never to lie. She is not Nancy Pelosi ...

Republican States are Caving on Marijuana Legalization

A green wave has taken hold of Republican state legislatures as marijuana legislation sparks up.

The Dark Overlord 9/11 Files

The Dark Overlord Releases Batch Two of 9/11 Files

Exchanging cyber-cash for a cyber-cache, the hacker group The Dark Overlord has leaked more of their supposedly damning 9/11 files.

Laura Loomer Leads Yellow Vests Against Pelosi

Laura Loomer, a self-described conservative activist, brought illegal immigrants donned in yellow vests to protest the policies of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


The Case Against Democracy in a Free Society

Though many hail democracy as the best form of government, it is a failure of an idea that only takes away the people's rights and property.