Why Roe was Wrong: Part 1

The first part of a series on why Norma McCorvey, also known as Roe, was incorrect.

From the Editor: In The Age of Information, Ignorance is a Choice

Senior Editor Roman King takes an intensive look at the societal paradigms of ignorance in the modern era

How To Run SEO In Fashion Industry Efficiently: The Guide From Semalt

Before SEO came to revolutionize marketing in all industries, marketing in fashion enterprise was limited to fashion shows, magazines and catalogues, and reality TV fashion programs. Though these traditional marketing methods are still used today to seize marketing opportunities, the majority of fashion entrepreneurs are now using savvy digital marketing techniques to maintain a firm ...

End the War on Drugs

The drug war has been nothing but a disaster, and there are better alternatives

The Importance of Liberty from the Christian Perspective

Liberty is integral to who we are as God's creation

Delaney 2020: How One Representative is Challenging Trump Early

The next presidential election is on barely anyone's mind, but that is not the case for John Delaney

Fixing Feminism Part 3: Name Calling

If feminism ever wants to reach its goals, the name calling must end.

Congress is Really Bad at its Job

There are two major reasons why Congress is a failing institution.

19-Year-Old Tennessee Resident Files Lawsuit Against Cops Who Repeatedly Stunned Him While Restrained

Jordan Norris, a 19-year-old Tennessee resident has filed a lawsuit against three Cheatham County deputies, for deprivation of civil rights, citing the use of excessive force as the primary reason.

Major US Cities Within Range of North Korean Missile Strike

A new North Korean missile test could potentially put major US metropolitan areas within its range.

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