“Not Real Socialism” Is An Excuse for Bad Economics

The perspectives of Hayek and Hoppe can help us understand why the good will of socialism often leads to the demise of its citizens.

Public School

Liberal Bias at Schools: Where does it Come From?

By T. Fair | United States Schools across America, and perhaps other countries, are questionably left-leaning in their educators, staff and even curriculum. It may differ based on area, but statistically, the majority of educators are Democrats. One source, Verdant Labs, cites the Federal Election Commission in a breakdown of teachers' political party affiliations. However, it ...

Timothy McVeigh bombs Murrah building

Libertarians Must Reject Violent Figures Like McVeigh

In order to be pure and consistent, members of the liberty movement must reject violent self-proclaimed freedom fighters like Timothy McVeigh.

Border patrol car

Texas Border Patrol Agent Juan Ortiz Charged with Murders

Following the deaths of four women in Texas, police have arrested border patrol officer Juan Ortiz on the grounds of murder and assault.

Amazon’s Second HQ Will Cost Taxpayers Billions

Amazon's plans for a second HQ has local governments offering huge tax breaks and subsidies to convince Amazon to open HQ2 in their city.

Rally to support Trump

Yes, Libertarians Can Support Trump

Though Trump often goes against many libertarian beliefs, his opposition to the establishment is an admirable trait that libertarians should get behind.

Who Would Sign the Social Contract?

If individuals had any say in the matter, they would not sign the always-fluctuating and highly volatile social contract that the state forces on us.

Inner city Detroit

Rock City No More: How Big Government Ruined Detroit

After decades of prosperity in Rock City, big government policies came into Detroit and sent the economy spiraling into recession.

“The Once And Future Liberal”-How Does the Left Move Forward?

Mark Lilla provides the left with a way forward, but will they take it?

Smokestacks emitting carbon

New Studies Find Few Costs, Many Benefits to Carbon Tax

Despite recent criticism of a federal carbon tax, a collection of new nonpartisan studies seem to definitively prove its benefits.