Privatizing America’s Rogue Military, In A Way

Given the current corruption, inefficiency, and deception that plagues our military’s bureaucracy, a change is much needed.


The Millennial Mental Health Crisis – Why Are Our Youth Depressed?

Generation Z and millennials aren't just "entitled" -- there's a genuine reason they're so depressed.


Mitt Romney Considered For Republican Leadership Spot

Mitt Romney is apparently already being considered for a spot in Republican leadership


Trump Attacks British Healthcare

U.S. President Donald Trump criticizes NHS after watching Fox And Friends.


2018: Making The Libertarian Party Great Again

Through the recent blunders, it is likely that the LP will make it as a major party in 2018.

New Mexican Libertarian Lloyd Princeton Runs For US Congress

By Spencer Kellogg | New Mexico Lloyd Princeton is the founder of Design Management Company, a national recruiting firm. He has recently announced his candidacy for the 1st Congressional District of New Mexico as a Libertarian. 71 Republic's Spencer Kellogg sat down with Mr. Princeton to discuss his thoughts on the 2018 Congressional Race. Why ...


The Hypocrisy of Publicly Funded Stadiums

With the superbowl on its way, let us take a moment to realize that public funding has no place in sports.


Sarwark Vs. Smith, To Debate Or Not To Debate?

LNC Chair Nick Sarwark and opponent Joshua Smith struggle to schedule a debate before their Election.


Tom Brady Becomes The Oldest Player To Receive The MVP Award

Brady, the former 6th rounder, "nobody" has shattered NFL records as a 40-year-old quarterback in the 2017 season, playing some of his best football in his 18-year career.


The US Reacts To The Memo

On Friday, the US House of Representatives Committee on Intelligence decided to release a GOP-authored memo regarding The Department of Justice, FISA, the FBI, and Donald Trump's election.