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Mason Mohon is the director of content, chief operations officer, current editor in chief, and a founding member of 71 Republic. He is also a high school policy and congressional debater from Austin, Texas. Inspired by Ron Paul, Mason is a staunch Libertarian and loves to keep up with American politics. When it comes to economics, Mason submits himself to the Austrian School and enjoys reading the works of Ludwig von Mises. Being religious, he also enjoys finding the connections between Christianity and the rights of the individual. Mason is a book junkie, and is always looking for additions to his own personal library. If anyone ever needs to contact him, email him at

Stephen Paddock’s Hotel Footage Released

Hotel footage of Stephen Paddock's days leading up to the shooting has been released.

Our Intellectuals Aren’t Ready For Jordan Peterson

New ideas turn a society around, and that is what Dr. Peterson brings to the table.

Congress Loves Cryptocurrency

The 2018 Joint Economic Report bodes well for the crypto community.

The Failed Disruption of the Student Walkout

Teen activism is in, real human change is out.

Facebook Is Deliberately Interfering In Missouri’s Senate Election

The deliberate hypocrisy of the social media organization is clear.

Illinois General Assembly Bans Sale and Possession of “Assault Weapons” to and for Anyone Under 21

Illinois State 100th General Assembly banned the sale of assault weapons and .50 caliber weapons to anyone under the age of 21. 

Denver Could Soon Legalize Psilocybin Mushrooms

Decriminalization efforts are underway in Denver for the popular psychedelic.

Psychologist Steven Pinker Thinks Libertarianism Won’t Work Because “People Like Social Spending”

Steven Pinker, the author of new book Enlightenment Now, starred in a video by Big Think on Wednesday titled "Why libertarianism is a marginal idea and not a universal value."

Ron Paul: Tariff Or Not, A Calamity Is Imminent

Dr. Ron Paul warns us that a correction is inevitable at this point.

Courts Are Ruling That Assault Rifles Are Not Protected By The Second Amendment. They Are Blatantly Misinterpreting The Constitution

AG Brian Frosh, along with the majority of the appeals court, have no idea what they are talking about.

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