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Mason Mohon is the director of content, chief operations officer, current editor in chief, and a founding member of 71 Republic. He is also a high school policy and congressional debater from Austin, Texas. Inspired by Ron Paul, Mason is a staunch Libertarian and loves to keep up with American politics. When it comes to economics, Mason submits himself to the Austrian School and enjoys reading the works of Ludwig von Mises. Being religious, he also enjoys finding the connections between Christianity and the rights of the individual. Mason is a book junkie, and is always looking for additions to his own personal library. If anyone ever needs to contact him, email him at

The Haitian Revolution and Classical Liberalism

The impacts of the slave revolt in Haiti on liberalism, and many other aspects of power.

The “CryptoRuble” is Born

Russia will begin to issue its own cryptocurrency.

OPINION: In Favor of Radical Libertarianism

Maybe it's time for the liberty movement to take a page out of the left's strategy book.

Foresight? Who needs it?

An exploration into the relationship of the entrepreneur and the phenomenon of time preference

“Bitcoin Jesus” is Making a Country

Roger Ver, commonly known as Bitcoin Jesus, is partnering with Olivier Janssens to create a Free Society.

The Washington Post is Wrong; Libertarians are NOT Similar to the Alt-Right

The Washington Post piece trying to tie Libertarians to the alt-right is fundamentally misguided.

North Korea is mining Bitcoin. So what?

The solution to North Korea's sanction circumvention is not in the hands of big government.

Jeffrey Tucker is the Enemy of Authoritarianism the Liberty Movement Needs

Praise for Jeffrey Tucker's article "An Aesthetic of Liberty"

Trump Reverses Executive Order, Increasing Police Militarization

By Mason Mohon | USA In 2015, former president Barack Obama issued an executive order that prohibited the transfer of military equipment, including armored vehicles, grenade launchers, and high caliber weapons from falling into the hands of state and local police forces. He did this in response to the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, because he ...