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Mason Mohon is the director of content, chief operations officer, current editor in chief, and a founding member of 71 Republic. He is also a high school policy and congressional debater from Austin, Texas. Inspired by Ron Paul, Mason is a staunch Libertarian and loves to keep up with American politics. When it comes to economics, Mason submits himself to the Austrian School and enjoys reading the works of Ludwig von Mises. Being religious, he also enjoys finding the connections between Christianity and the rights of the individual. Mason is a book junkie, and is always looking for additions to his own personal library. If anyone ever needs to contact him, email him at

Does Microdosing LSD Really Improve Cognition?

Can LSD really make you smarter?

The Fallacy Of Government Production

Political thinking tends to fall victim to the availability heuristic.

IBM And Stellar Join Forces To Save The Planet With The Blockchain

Using the the Stellar blockchain, Veridium labs is saving the planet with decentralized carbon credits.

CBD is Helping Texans, But the State Wants to Take it Away

Texans have the right to try treatment, yet the state is getting in their way.

Should Libertarians Vote?

You can vote for smaller government.

“Planet-Lovers” Are Less Environmentally Conscious

A U of M study shows the blatant hypocrisy of the green movement.

Elon Musk Challenges Warren Buffet’s Candy Empire With Cryptocandy

Elon Musk will apparently be creating a candy company called "cryptocandy."

Reed College Students Want to Throw Out Historical Authors Because They’re White

Reedies Against Racism wants to do away with white authors.

North Korea’s Treaty Has Been Immortalized by Ethereum

North and South Korea's historic declaration of peace has been set in stone on the Ethereum blockchain.