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Mason Mohon is the Chief Operations Officer and Director of Content at 71 Republic. A native-born Texan, he is on his High School varsity debate team, and has competed at the state and local level. Mason’s work has been shared by Jordan Peterson, The Big Lead, Austin Petersen, and many individuals within the liberty movement. His work covers cryptocurrency, entrepreneurship, and libertarianism. Influenced by Ron Paul, Jordan Peterson, and Murray Rothbard, he constantly works to better both himself and the world around him. If you ever need to contact him, you can email him at [email protected]

Supreme Court to Solve Free Speech v. Private Corporation Debate

By Mason Mohon | United States Brett Kavanaugh's turbulent entrance into the Supreme Court will first be met with a potentially groundbreaking free speech case. The case is that of Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck, No. 17-702. As CNBC reports, this case centers around whether a private operator of a public access television network is ...

Scott Horton Talks Patriotism, Israel and Palestine, and Hope

Scott Horton is the author of Fool's Errand and managing director of The Libertarian Institute. 71 Republic's Mason Mohon sits down with him to talk about the wars.

The Kavanaugh Killing of Politics

If he is innocent, that does not mean he should be confirmed, but the fact that many do not recognize this shows that it is all a failure.

Cody Wilson

Cody Wilson Arrested in Taiwan

Cody Wilson, the man behind 3-D gun printing, has been arrested.

“Not Real Socialism” Is An Excuse for Bad Economics

The perspectives of Hayek and Hoppe can help us understand why the good will of socialism often leads to the demise of its citizens.

Who Would Sign the Social Contract?

If individuals had any say in the matter, they would not sign the always-fluctuating and highly volatile social contract that the state forces on us.

Beto is a Texan Poser

Beto does not understand the true nature of Texas gun culture.

Cody Wilson Talks Libertarianism, Strategy, and the Future

Cody Wilson is the founder of Defense Distributed and creator of the 3D printable gun. 71 Republic's Mason Mohon sits down to talk ideology and future prospects.

If Everyone is a “Libertarian”, What’s the Point of Being One?

If Romney is a libertarian, then what the hell is the point of being a libertarian.

Marx is Wrong About the Workers

Marx's characterization is not the reality of the situation. It is based on loaded language and misrepresentations of the market process.