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Mason Mohon is the director of content, chief operations officer, current editor in chief, and a founding member of 71 Republic. He is also a high school policy and congressional debater from Austin, Texas. Inspired by Ron Paul, Mason is a staunch Libertarian and loves to keep up with American politics. When it comes to economics, Mason submits himself to the Austrian School and enjoys reading the works of Ludwig von Mises. Being religious, he also enjoys finding the connections between Christianity and the rights of the individual. Mason is a book junkie, and is always looking for additions to his own personal library. If anyone ever needs to contact him, email him at

Libertarian Professor Walter Block is Taking on the New York Times – And it’s Awesome

The Mises Institute senior fellow is taking on the news giant, and libertarians everywhere are on his side.

The Cook County Soda Tax is a Failure in Every Way

Cook County's soda tax should disgust lovers of liberty everywhere.

Machinery for War: The Federal Reserve

How the US Federal Reserve has set a dangerous precedent in global war making.

The Importance of Liberty from the Christian Perspective

Liberty is integral to who we are as God's creation

The Market is Brutal, and That’s a Good Thing

Creative destruction is destructive in the greatest way possible

Fakes Center, Goes Right

How French President Emmanuel Macron is turning out to be more right wing than people thought he would be.

There is no “Right Way” to Spread Liberty

There is no more noble worldly cause that of advancing the values of liberty and individual autonomy.

Marijuana Victory in Nevada

A new industry has just taken hold in Nevada, and it isn't expected to die out anytime soon

Women Don’t Need Government for Empowerment

This is a hard article to write, but one that must be written nonetheless.

Congressman Steve Scalise Shot at GOP Congressional Baseball Practice, Among 5

On Wednesday, June 14th, Representative Steve Scalise has been shot, along with 4 others