71 Republic Interview With TJ Roberts, Managing Editor of Liberty Hangout

TJ Roberts is the managing editor of Liberty Hangout. Get to know him!


The world is on fire.

The Ever-Changing Meaning of Patriotism

Patriotism should mean dedication to values and a healthy lust for liberty.

Stand With Ryan

Paul Ryan is on the adult side of Republicanism, working not to screw over the next generation.

Romney: Trump’s Comments “Antithetical to American Values”

On Martin Luther King Day, Romney took a jab at Trump condemning his "shithole countries" remarks.

Interview With Alex Merced, Candidate for LNC Vice-Chair

Alex Merced is now running for Vice-Chair of the Libertarian National Convention. Get to know him!

Is There a Need for Unbiased News?

Facts must be straight, and there is no place for laziness in research.

Crypto World Breaking Into MMA with Sponsorships

MMA fighters are beginning to dance with the crypto industry.

The Most Dangerous Man In America: Cody Wilson & 3-D Printing

Cody Wilson's 3-D Printed Guns Are A Constitutional Battle

Free Speech Zones: A Backhanded Slap to Students

Free speech zones both eliminate the discussion associated with higher levels of learning and are unconstitutional.