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Ryan is an upcoming first-year sophomore at the University of Vermont and currently lives in Connecticut. He is 71 Republic's Editor in Chief and a member of the Board of Directors. The works of Leo Tolstoy, Samuel L Konkin, and Ludwig von Mises have influenced his strong libertarian beliefs, and led him to seek a platform to bring those ideals into reality. In high school, Ryan participated in numerous sports and extracurricular activities, winning two debate championships and four state championships with his school's marching band. Beyond school, he in an avid downhill skier and distance runner. He is currently training for his third marathon. Ryan is also a talented pianist, saxophonist, and clarinetist. In May of 2017, he performed the piano solo of George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" with the New Haven Symphony Orchestra at the esteemed Bushnell Theater in Hartford. Looking forward, Ryan is unsure which career path to follow. He is interested in journalism, novel writing, law, music, politics, psychology, philosophy, and therapy. Regardless of his eventual path, he hopes to write a number of books throughout his lifetime.

Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson Officially Enters New Mexico Senate Race

After weeks of deliberation, Gary Johnson has accepted the Libertarian Party's nomination and is running for United States Senate.

Libertarian Party meeting

The Libertarian Party Can Win, and Here’s How

The Libertarian Party has, for a long time, adopted failing strategies, but with these five steps, can turn itself back on track.

It’s Time to Ensure Equal Standards for Government and the People

In order for a free society to properly function, we must ensure that there are truly equal standards for government and the people.

A Free Society Doesn’t Assault and Kill Children

Many see the United States of America as a free society, despite its tendency to kill and injure some of society's most vulnerable people.

United States Coalition Slaughters Children in Yemen

A United States backed coalition led by the Saudis has missed yet another target, killing at least 50, many of whom were children.

Man shooting rocket launcher

In Cambodia, Tourists Buy and Shoot Cows with Rocket Launchers

With a large enough sum of money, a tourist at a Cambodia shooting range can purchase a cow to shoot with a rocket launcher.

Kansas Kids Garner Gubernatorial Votes

High Schoolers Grab Small Percentage Of Electorate

Gary Johnson of the New Mexico LP speaking to crowd at Politicon.

New Mexico LP Nominates Gary Johnson for Senate

The New Mexico LP has taken the next step towards getting Gary Johnson into the senate race by nominating him to run for the position.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa arriving at a summit in South Africa

Mnangagwa Declared Winner in Historic Zimbabwe Election

Emmerson Mnangagwa, of the Zanu-PF party, has been elected President of Zimbabwe, but opposition leaders are rejecting the validity of the vote.

Over Three Fourths of Americans are Broke. Why?

An increasing number of Americans are broke, and there are several obvious culprits responsible for the lack of financial success rampant in the country.