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Google has joined tech companies like Facebook in banning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency adverts.

Seeing The Solar System As an Ecosystem

New discoveries and our own increasing presence in space mean the idea isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds

Joe Hannoush – Libertarian for Florida House District Twenty-Five

Joe Hannoush is the Libertarian candidate for District Twenty-Five of the Florida House of Representatives.

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The Founding Fathers Would Be Furious At What America Has Become

By Jack Parkos | United States Many people have asked the question-"What would the Founding Fathers think of this policy or that law?"  Many also ask the question of what they would think of modern America in general. They would be furious. The Founders, while all having their own diverse ideologies and values, believed in ...


The Stigma Surrounding Hallucinogens Took Root in Western Colonialism

This stigma surrounding hallucinogenic substances has taken many forms since the times of colonialism.

Dear New York: Elect Larry Sharpe

A "New" New York Message