Congress Loves Cryptocurrency

The 2018 Joint Economic Report bodes well for the crypto community.

Facts, Gun Violence, Walkouts and Feelings

The False Truths Behind The Student Walkout

School Shooting Reported At Maryland High School

The situation has been contained, according to local authorities.

The Cost Of War In The Everlasting Echo Of The Battlefield

Imagine intense fear happens every single night, preventing you from sleeping.

Jason Stapleton on Trump, Military Experience, and Libertarianism

Jason Stapleton is a libertarian radio host with a captivating past.

Adam Kokesh On Potential Running Mates, Abolishing The Federal Government, And “Resigning On Day One”

Tired of fake candidates and false principles, Kokesh is gunning to not be president.

The Failed Disruption of the Student Walkout

Teen activism is in, real human change is out.

Culture Is Responsible For Japan’s Low Gun Violence Rates, Not Gun Control

It’s not about the laws, it’s Japan’s collectivist culture that keeps mass shootings out of the nation.

California Appoints Undocumented Immigrant To State Office

The Senate Rules Committee of California shocked citizens by appointing the first undocumented resident to a statewide post.

Consent Matters: Non-consensual School Funding is Wrong

Non-consensual funding is morally wrong